Saturday, October 12, 2019

Tarot Witchery-- Card Meanings, October 12 through October 19

 Card One: Ten of Swords, Reversed: There is a sequence of events which you have been experiencing for some time, which you have convinced yourself is going to lead to very bad fortune for you--"ruin" in some way, financial, personal, or physical. This card says that all that was happening so that you could focus on this situation, but that things will change this week in a dramatic way, so that what appeared to be "Ruin" for you will actually be something that will benefit you in some measurable way, and may visit "Ruin" on the circumstance or person/people that were trying to do something bad to you.


 Card Two: Four Of Stones: This card is a representation of a "foundation", as we use when we are going to build something. There are potential possibilities in your immediate future which simply need your focus and activity on deciding something specific for which to use these possibilities to "Build" some situation, event, or activity that will assist you in creating your own personal future and making things work for you as they would if you were to build yourself a new spiritual home, just as you wished it to be.

Card Three: Mother/Queen of Wands: This is Kali, known as both the Creator and the Destroyer, and her elemental energy combines giving birth and sending death where things must end. In your reading, see this week as a turning point, wherein Kali's energy will be there with you, because the idea is that you must discard some things, kill or get rid of some ideas or habits or connections with circumstances--you are going to need to empty your package in order to make room for that which the Goddess is giving birth for you. Kali's colors, red, white, and black, are the colors of blood (life and death), milk (nurturance) and earth (death, the darkness from which we come and to which we return), and all three of these states of being are necessary for you to experience in order to make a place for the Goddess' creative and motherly energy.

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