Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan 29: Thor's Hammer

It's Thursday, Thor's day, and today I feel a need to simply get some protection going to my friends and associates--and my Self--from the mighty hammer of Thor, the Norse Protector and Guardian. So--what will be there to assist us today. Let's find out...

"Though fortune's malice overthrow my state, My mind exceeds the compass of her wheel." ~ William Shakespeare said it first, and here it is, straight from Thor, to help us figure it out:

  Fortune's Wheel is my protector? This means things are turning and changing, and that is somehow supposed to be my comfort and strength from the Guardian, Thor? You're kidding, right? You see, if you look very carefully at the Wheel in this deck, there is a hand in the center thereof. It's not, according to Haindl, the "Hand of Fate". No. It's YOUR hand, deciding when and how the Wheel will spin for you. And above you are the Hebrew letters for palm and the rune Jer for Year. And this makes it very clear. The "palm" of your own hand, turning the wheel, year after year, creates your destiny. And Thor's hammer will be there too, to take care of anyone who wishes to interfere with your ability to dree your wyrd, to control your fate--Just sayin'. Come on now, let's turn that Wheel and create the day, year, and destiny we choose. Thor is watching, and we can DO this!

Blessings on your day,

Aisling the Bard