Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daily Draw, May 25 and 26: Pros and Cons

(The TarotWitch was riding the broom over the M-day weekend doing much observation of the Universe in order to deepen the readings, so today we have a two-day draw to regard.)

We ask ourselves, in order to look at the depth of a particular situation, "What are the pros and cons of speaking my mind in this particular case?" The "particular case" will be different for each person who uses this draw, but you will know what issue/situation in your own life is being addressed here.

Soooo...on Monday, the 25th, the card drawn is the "Pro", as in, "If I speak out, this will be the positive energy evoked." And our card is:
So, in the situation to which you apply this reading, speaking your Truth will assist the process of Justice to be present in the situation. Be aware as you look through the eventualities, that your own idea of "Justice" may not be the same as that which the Universe chooses to evoke. But whatever is the Just outcome, your speaking out will assist it to occur.

And so, this morning, we draw the "Con" card...if you do speak out, what negative energies may be brought to bear on the situation? And our draw brings us:

The Sword in Haindl's deck is "Air", the power of the mind, intellect, new ideas, and the blowing of the winds of change. The "negative" effect of speaking your Truth in this situation is simply that you will receive knowledge, and be made aware of some aspects of the situation, that you do not know right now, and that, because of their effect on your Self and the other people in the situation, you might prefer not to know or somehow be willfully keeping your Self from admitting. This can actually seem "negative" if it changes your perspective on certain individuals, events, or situations, but all in all, the truth must out in all situations, and you need to know what you need to know.

So, choose your path here. Choose to speak or to remain silent, and let the winds and tides bring the result you ascertain.

Walk in Beauty!