Thursday, March 22, 2012

What to Seek, What to Leave Behind....

March 21 and 22: We have a 2-card spread today, and the energy is focused on change. Deep down, we are all afraid of it, even when we have invoked it for ourselves. Walking that new path can be daunting. So here are 2 cards to give us some insight on where we might like to be going, and what we might not want to carry along in our "baggage".

What To Seek: Mother of Wands, Haindl Tarot

Wow, that could scare you shitless, couldn't it? Do I really want to "seek" Kali, the Mother of Destruction? Well--yes, in a way, I suppose I do....Let's think about this.

First, one of the biggest things that stands in the way of positive change for us is that we like our 'rut'. We're used to the way things are, and change takes effort, and it's scary. Whaddaya mean, quit my job? Whaddaya mean, break up with him/her? Are you KIDDING me...MOVE? I LOVE it here....and so on, and so on...What we know, the safe, the familiar, is what we cling to, whether or not it is deeply satisfying to us. We can tell ourselves, "I like this" forever, when what we're really saying is, "It's good enough. It'll do." And so, yes, Kali--we do need to seek her energy, and here's why.

Kali is the Destroyer, yes. But she is also the Creator and the Preserver. Without destruction of what is, nothing can emerge. You pull up "weeds" to plant your garden, don't you? Well, a "weed" is simply a "plant growing where I want to do something else". Remember how many "weeds" are natural herbs with beneficial properties? And when you want to remodel your house, you know you will be knocking down walls and disrupting the way things are right now, because what you envision is better. Kali's energy is that of stark change, but She also manifests new beginnings (hence her identification in this deck with Wands) as well as being the nurturer and creatrix of all life on an arcane level. You "seek" Kali because you do not know WHAT to change, you do not know HOW to change, but you do know that things MUST change. You're ensconced in your comfortable rut. Seeking Kali will help you know what to move, how, and where.

What to leave behind: Mother of Cups, Haindl Tarot

Here she is, the quintessential Mama, Venus of Willendorf, an avatar over many years of female fecundity, of comfort, warmth, and the peace of the safe and familiar. And you want me to leave this behind, Universe? Are you nucking futz?

Well, no. From the card above, we know the first message is that we must seek out change, that kind of change that disrupts the safe, familiar, and comfortable, and adds completely new elements to the mix of energies we know as "life." And from this card, we are being further instructed not to carry our old, safe, familiar "baggage" into our new reality. I don't know if this is showing up today because it's 2012 and for years we have been told that this year it will be "the end of the world as we know it", or simply because it is a crux time--Dark Moon of Alder in the Celtic Tree Year, two days past the Spring Equinox, and a year of upheaval and energy with elections, riots, Occupy protests and all kinds of chaotic energy going about--and Mars and Mercury retrograde, to boot. Whatever the reason, the Universe is telling us today, "If you do whatever you've always done, you'll only get what you've always had." So--make it real, today. Leave the old behind. Move out of your "comfort zone" whatever you think that is, and really do something brand-new and totally unfamiliar. Because the Universe is calling you, and you can't imagine the wonders that lie in wait, until you answer the call. S0--put down the "old life" and seek your rebirth. GO!!