Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan 20: DeLight in de Dark....

Today at 6:14 am MST we experienced the Dark Moon of Rowan, the tree of psychic protection and warding, sacred to the Goddess Brighide, and denoting the time where we 'look within' and decide what might be needing our focus in the way of protecting and warding work, and where we might find the psychic energies of protection for ourselves and those we hold dear. So, in my own tradition, I meditate on the Ogham itself, and then draw a single card to represent the "Rowan Wish" that I send out to the Universe. Here's the stave:

It represents the barrier between the Self and harm, and the psychic protection afforded against evil enchantment by the Sidhe (the Good Folk) and one's Inner Guides. And the card of the day, denoting the focus of that protection is:

This is a card of the realm of Air, and it denotes those "ghosts of ages past" which have a tendency to haunt us and from which we will be likely either to run in fear or to learn lessons about our habitual mode of thought. So in this instance, we are guided to protect ourselves from the dying remnants of the past, from guilt and self-blame, from brooding over those acts of our own or the things that have happened to us, which are now in the past, which can't be changed, which have already taught us what they have to teach us, and which must now be let go and laid to rest. Don't 'should' on yourself today, and don't let the ghosts of the past haunt your present or make you ignore your future. May the protection of Rowan ease your mind and heart and open the pathway to the beauty that is to come!

Aisling the Bard.