Saturday, January 31, 2015

Daily Draw Jan. 31: Saturday Silence

When I was a child, cartoons were the order of the day on Saturday mornings. We gathered in front of the black-and-white tv with a carton of chocolate milk and a doughnut, and we were allowed to watch 3 hours of cartoons while Mom and Dad had their coffee and planned the day and made breakfast and did all the grown-up things. But after breakfast, which was at 10 am on Saturdays, the tv went off for the rest of the weekend (no, I am not kidding) and we had chores and homework and pet walking and yard work and other things. And "Saturday Silence". Because after lunch, even though we were too old to have to take naps, we sat in the living room, grownups and kids together, and read, silent and focused, and did nothing else except be alone with our thoughts for 2 hours. We looked forward to this time, even as children, because it was "our time" one was allowed to go anywhere and the phone was off the hook and the door was locked, and all of us were just wandering through the landscape of our own book and the silence of our own thoughts. And so, today's reading is going to remind us of that time when we look back, look within, and somehow contemplate what is deep inside us, to which, during the busy week, we seldom pay any attention at all. Here we go:

What is waiting within me that I need to contemplate today?

The Faeries Say: Most of the fears in most people's lives do not have anything to do with other people, but are those things within ourselves that we feel are a threat to us--perhaps an addiction, a habit, an attitude, or some other thing or person that we feel is beyond our control and is "after us." In this case, it is important not to be too influenced by inner fears, knowing that you will always have power over your response to everything and anything that may happen in your life. So, today, in your "Saturday Silence", look within and find something about yourself that you don't like, or fear, or don't even want to acknowledge...and remind your Self, always, that you are responsible for your own Being, and that you have total control over each and every part of your Shadow Self, merely by claiming that part of your Being and knowing you will only let it act in accord with your True Will. There. See? You HAVE this....


Aisling the Bard