Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acting In Harmony....

March 1, 2012: Three Of Wands, Haindl Tarot

Three flaming rods, pointing to Heaven. Three things from which never to be moved: One's oath, one's Gods, and the Truth. Three beacons of life illuminating personal darkness: Self, Sense, and Spirit.

Today is the second anniversary of the death of a beloved Craft-brother, Roy Cuchulainn Moorman. On this day it does not surprise me to have drawn the card that represents acting in harmony with the truth of the Universe. "Virtue" in the alchemical, mystical, and spiritual sense, does not mean "being 'good' " or "being 'virtuous' ". It means "being REAL." Roy was real. He was all he was, and each person who met him became by that contact more of their own Self. Today, let's take that as a beacon. Each and every thing you think or do today, put it to the test. Is it authentic? Is it truly of your Self? Is it truly of your Spirit? And then, go do, or say, or become, that thing. Authenticity. Virtue. Three rods. Acting in harmony with Universal Truth. Really, that's all there is.