Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan. 4: Full Moon of Birch--A New Beginning....

Today the Moon is full at 9:53 pm MST, and it is the Birch Moon, the symbol of cleansing, as with a Birch Besom, and ridding ourselves of old baggage, as well as the new beginning, the white bark an unwritten page to fill with what we Will. The entire cycle of the Birch Moon deals with different aspects of the process of beginning or newness, in ideas, in mundane life, in personal practice and elsewhere. The Dark Moon of Birch is a time of inner contemplation, of focus and determination. Here is where “new ideas” become paramount. The Waxing Moon of Birch gives flesh to the ideas, and makes it possible for plans to be drawn from these, so that some manifestation of the new idea may be created. On the Full Moon of Birch it is traditional to ritualize the ideas and plans of the new phase of one’s life…this is the tradition which has given rise to the mundane practice of making New Year’s Resolutions. The Waning Birch Moon has a particular focus…that of aligning the internal psyche, known as the Inner Child, with the need for accepting the proposed changes and new foci of personal growth and development.

So today we will honor the four stations of the Birch Lunar cycle with a four-card draw, using the meanings of the phases of this Moon Tree.

Dark Moon Card: What should I be focusing on? What is the underlying intent of my new cycle?
  Well, that's a lovely beginning...the 10 of Cups does simply say that a positive mental attitude is your best friend here, because success in your new endeavor is down the road. In this position in this draw, it does, however, remind you that success is the thing to "focus on" as you move forward, not something you have already achieved. So, since we're dealing with the energy of Birch, which is also clearing out the "old baggage", and this is the Dark Moon card, you might be being gently reminded that a negative attitude, perhaps a habit of being pessimistic, is something to leave behind here. Forge on with the knowledge that you WILL achieve your end.

Waxing Moon Card: How can I manifest my new endeavor? What's the plan?
Hmmm....there seems to be a theme developing here. Is it possible that your "new endeavor" has to do with emotional fulfillment of some kind, and that in the past you've perhaps somehow not believed it could happen? Because your card here, the 9 of Cups, simply titled "Fortune" is pointing out that the flowing water is bountiful, focused directly on the cup you hold, that there is plenty of it in the torrent pouring into the cup, and that all you have to do is hold it still for it, and the other 8 of them, to be filled to overflowing. So, along with a positive attitude, the "how-to" of achieving your new goal is, very simply, take time, focus, patience, and let things happen, because the water is already there, and all you need to do is bring your cups and fill them. 

Full Moon Card: Calling on Spirit--How shall I sanctify my endeavor?
The wands are the power of your Will and Intent, and the seven flaming torches reach between Earth and Heaven, denoting the seven areas of your Work in which you must manifest courage so that Spirit will join with your quest: think of the Seven Chakras, and the ways in which each of their energies brings your power and your will into sharp focus and permits you to move into your Whole Self. Seven wands, seven areas of the Will, and your own deep connection with spirit from Root to Crown. You are not alone, you are walking the Road Between the Worlds, and you can DO this...

Waning Moon Card: How shall I feed my Inner Child?