Thursday, May 28, 2015

Daily Draw, May 28: What Goes Around....

Today's draw is focused on cycles, and we are looking at the inner workings of the Wheel, our lives, the cycles of Fate and the daily round of the day. We shuffle the deck, and we choose four in the cycle of the cards. Top, middle, bottom, and then a random draw, representing the dawn, the midday, the evening, and the unknown, just for today. And here's our forecast:

 Dawn--the first avatar of our day, is Brahma, the Father of Wands. His energy is focused, positive, and brings to bear our own personal powers of creation, the bright new beginning of every day, and our need to walk calmly and in peace through the four directions, our own elemental foci, and the ability we have to create what we Will in each and every new day.
 At the noon hour, the midday pause for lunch and reflection, we meet the Ace of Wands, the fire of the focused Will, the burning flame of our own need to create our own Wraith for each and every day. We are shown a burning spear, reminiscent of the phallic power of creation, flaming before a shell filled with water, calm and receptive. We are reminded by this symbolism that we must exert our will and intention, but do so with calm and peace, merging the various elements of a given situation as merge male and female to create life.
 In the evening, we gaze upon the Nine of Wands, the card labeled "Power", and we reflect upon the different ways we manifest our own personal power throughout a given day. We look at the I Ching hexagram on the left, Shih, "leadership" and we recognize our need to lead with head and heart and not with might, noticing that the nine flaming spears have each its own aura, not joining together to bully and create power-over, but individually dealing with each aspect of the Work. This card is the ultimate representation of positive use of personal power to achieve a stated objective, and we can look upon what we are doing as empowering not just to ourselves but to the situation.
The final card, the Unknown, is a basic warning about what happens when we exert the force of our Will on stated objectives. Quite often we do not take into consideration other energies being brought to bear on the same situation, and we feel "useless" when all we Will and desire does not instantly come to pass. Our warning from the Unknown is not to permit ourselves these feelings, but to let process continue in the Universe's own good time. We have set the flame in motion, not everything happens all at once, give it time and energy and the fire will burn.

Walk in Beauty!