Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop, Yule 2017: From the Past to the Future

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Our Wrangler for this year's Yule Blog Hop,  Ania Marczyk, has reminded us that, no matter what Festival Of Light we individually celebrate at this time of the year, it is a time of celebration of what has come to pass in our lives, and anticipation of what may be yet to come. So we will be drawing cards that represent what has come to pass for us in the preceding year which is now ending; this, we will contemplate and attempt to understand. Because we will also look into the future and see what may be coming to pass, and, standing on the foundation of what has already come, looking and thinking about how we may move forward, we will be focusing on what we wish the coming year to bring. And, no matter what we discover, we will be able to make it work in some way over the coming year.

The Past: This draw is based on three cards, drawn numerologically, one at a time. The first one represents the age we achieved in this year. My age became 70, so I am using the entire shuffled deck of 72 cards,  and drawing card number 70, to represent the overarching energy of the past year as it affects me. And the card I drew is:
Chief Seattle is not a myth or a legend, but a person. Chief of the Duwamish tribe in now-Washington State, Seattle tried to make peace with white settlers who sought to move his people from the land they inhabited. Seattle is most famous for having spoken passionately and powerfully on native and environmental rights, though his words are now forgotten and lost. Haindl draws him with a leaping Orca, a symbol of the life sustaining food and spirituality of Seattle's tribe. Like the indigenous people of North America, the Orca is now endangered. Seattle is seen with a lightning bolt striking a feather in his hair- which is not a feature of the Duwamish people's garb, but represents the fact, as  Rachel Pollack points out in her book on the Haindl,  that "Seattle did not speak only for his own nation" There is a challenge to this card- a challenge to learn and to grow and connect to forgotten ways. Not to appropriate and transform them, but to learn as much as we can about them. My past year, of doing readings for many people, some of whom had no experience with, and "do not believe in" divination, exemplifies the concept of doing what one needs to do in order to understand people and situations that one does not know personally, and figuring out what needs to be done to keep things moving forward in a positive manner. The Tarot is reminding me that this was the overarching energy of my entire year, and that I need to bring that wisdom into my new year to continue to grow.

The second card, numerologically, is the number of this day of this year--the Winter Solstice in 2017. That number is a 7, which represents building on a foundation, and is our reminder that nothing we have experienced in this past year is exactly what we think it is. Seven is the "seeker" trying to discover the hidden meaning of life's events.  And so--what is the focus of those things?
The Two of Stones represents balance and harmony, both within the Self and in interactions with the outside world. The past may have been hard to deal with in its actual events, but it is for us to decide what those events can help us achieve of balance and harmony as we have attempted to deal with them. That is the foundation of the future year that we will carry with us.

And the third card of the past year is numerologically represented by adding the age we achieved to the year itself, not to some particular day. So, for me, this is 2017 + 70, which equates to 8. And this represents the focus of what we need to understand in order to walk with confidence into the next year. 8 represents building on a foundation and discovering the reason behind the event. And we chose this card:
which is a clear message that the harmony and balance we wish to achieve in the future will be, as it was in the past, achieved only by personal internal Strength, of purpose, of character, and of will.

And so--what will the future hold? Let's find out. For the final three cards of this reading, I simply drew the three cards representing the date of next year's birthday, next year's solstice, and a random number discovered by a throw of the dice. And these cards were drawn all in the same cycle; for me, it was the 9th card, the 8th card, and my random number, the 11th card. And we simply, in my spiritual path, align these three cards with Body, Mind, and Spirit, where we will experience and understand the future. And we have:

Osiris reminds us that we must look more deeply than simply regarding what we see, and look within for its deeper meaning. The Star is our reminder that, no matter what happens, we are to connect it with our High Self, with our sacred journey and our internal purpose. And the 7 of Cups speaks of making certain we don't decide too quickly on the meaning of future events, but analyze them looking at all three Realms, Body, Mind, and Spirit, to recognize what they truly mean to us.

And so--there you are. Welcome to your Future!

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