Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop, Lughnassadh 2017: How I Honor And Respect My Tarot and Other Divination Tools

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I use my Haindl Tarot, my Celtic Ogham Staves, and my self-created Faery-Fire Oracle in tandem with one another when I do my work as a House Reader at Crone's Hollow. And I have discovered, from the Spirits of the Speakers (my term for the inner wraith that provides the information) that there is a very clear path to showing honor and respect for these spiritual gifts, and that I must not fail to reverence what is of spirit...soooo...here's how we do that.

1) Each and every time I set up for my shift of readings, each and every day, when the cards are laid out, there is a blessing I do beginning with sprinkling sacred scent for purification, then incense for charging, then the calling in of my Deities and the Wraith. I then smudge the entire area to focus the energy and clear out unwanted distractions.

2) Before I take my first client, I draw one card for my Self to let me know what energy to concentrate on this day, and one other card for my Self to let me know what to beware of, avoid, or watch out for. This focuses my energy for the day.

3) I do not permit the client to tell me an exact question. I ask that they will think deeply about the things they want to know, silently within themselves, and then I tell them what question each set of cards will answer, beginning with the first sett which tells the client "What do I need to KNOW about this circumstance that I do not now know?" and goes on from there with a new question for each individual draw. In this way, I respect the cards by not permitting my own inner thoughts and feelings about their question or situation influence my interpretation--instead, I don't know enough to have a personal opinion, so when I do the interpretation, it is the cards that are speaking, not my Self.

4) I do not permit any money to change hands until the reading is done, and I request that the client make an offering in my cash bowl to Fortuna in thanksgiving--not a tip, it is just where I ask them to place the money. I want it clear to them that I am only an interpreter and a guide, not the source of their response.

5) After each client leaves, I once again cleanse and charge the space before I take the next client. No leftover energy is present to influence the next draw. Each client begins in a clear and sacred space.

It has been very very interesting for me to focus on this work and explain to myself and to you, my readers, how I choose to honor the cards. May we all give joy and thanks for what we are permitted to do, and may we all continue to do it. Walk in beauty!!

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