Thursday, October 23, 2014

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hello, friends;

Not online most of the day today, so the "daily draw" didn't happen first thing in the morning. So tonight we have an interesting phenomenon--the "wtf" draw (name of which was inspired by someone who had a reading recently and was asked what the topic of the reading was to be--"wtf!" was the answer!) But it doesn't only stand for its usual not-too-pretty abbreviation....this time, it actually means, "where to focus". Look back at the events that happened today for you, and look forward at the day to come, and here is a one-card draw that will give you a way to find the common thread in the day that has passed and the one that is to come...what is the Universe trying to show you, teach you, draw to your attention, and what do you do with that information?

And so... the single card that pulls together what happened today and what is going to come to you tomorrow is...

Don't completely freak out, now..."Death" in the Haindl Tarot is very much less terrifying and far less final than one might think. Look at the picture and you see the boat, which is perhaps the barge to the Summerlands or the craft of Charon, but might also be the bark bringing new life to the shore of the world. Indeed, that boat is the origin of the cradle in which one places a newborn. Look at the grass and plant life, the bones of the earth, the animals and birds, and the only human figure in the card, the ferryman. The peacock's eye regards you, the reader, as you must look at the truth of the situations which may be leaving your life or just entering it. All that you have is going to end at some time, and all that you lose will make space for that which is to come. Indeed, the rune on the card is Beorc, the Birch, new beginnings. So--what is leaving your life, (that might be yesterday's message), and what is to come with the new dawn, and how are they connected to one another, and what is the lesson for you?

FFF & F as you look at your own life and apply the symbolism. See you next card!