Saturday, January 3, 2015

Daily Draw, January 3: As Above, So Below.....

Today is a day of regrouping for most people. It's the final Saturday before the 'end-of-the-holidays' work/school/life dance begins again on Monday morning. We're taking our first real steps into the New Year after this weekend--kids going back to school, work coming on again full-force with the 'bizzy', and life simply turning the page and letting us know the new chapter is commencing. Time to gird up the loins, open the eyes, flex the muscles, and create for ourselves the new paradigm of walking into the unknown and loving the journey. So, today, the hexagram layout....the three triangles of the Star of David, representing the foundation and the vision of the structure that will be erected thereupon. Let's see what the Universe is telling us....

All right, here we go...

Card 1. Foundation; Where do we begin? The Moon represents two ideas here--expect flux and flow, but remember the actual process is about your Self, so no matter how you are feeling, behaving, reacting in a given instance, you are still the same Being. Don't let your personal mutations through circumstance and time change the essence of who you really are. And don't let your Self be deceived-see everything, both within you and outside your Self, for what it truly is.

Card 2. The Obstacle (s): The Five of Stones tells of Material Difficulty in the offing. Looks as if this year, at least this first part of it, might be one where money and possessions are somehow interfering with your desired end. Remember this card represents an 'obstacle', not a negative conclusion. Be ready for the mundane world to intrude into your higher realm of intent and desire, and be ready to deal with it.

Card 3. The Ally: The Daughter of Wands--Radha, the spouse of Krishna, is one of the cards in this deck representing the fusion of life and spirit. This is one of the happiest cards in the deck. Her jewelry and cosmetics show the abundance of a highly developed culture. The stories of her playful love with Krishna show humor and humanity. She is gentle but not passive, calm but not weak. She is devoted to her partner without losing her sense of self. And she will be there for you to balance that 'obstacle' and help you to keep your eye on the prize.

Card 4. The Teacher: The Hermit--no surprises here, but some great positive energy. This card reminds you, on this first trip around the Moon for this year, to learn from your Inner Guides, to seek solace in silence, and not to let the business and complexity of life to derail you from remembering who you are, what you need, what you want, and where you are going. Stay focused by seeking silent contemplation so that you can keep your balance in the vicissitudes of living.

Card 5. The Intent: Of course, you walk your path day-by-day, but you did make those resolutions for the New Year, didn't you? So--what is your Goal, what is your Focus, where do you intend all the details of living to take you this year? Looks as if you are dreaming big, but that's a good thing. Aeon, the Universe, so to speak, is reminding you that the sky isn't even the limit here, not really--the Intention of the life you choose to lead can be glorious, huge, bigger than you think is possible--because you are able to create for your Self the reality you desire simply by not giving in to the crippling energy of "who, ME? I can't do THAT!"....because, at this stage of the game, of course you can, and of course you will. Take it step-by-step, yes, but keep your eyes on the prize.

Card 6. The Goal: The Ace of Wands is the actuated Self in this layout, the Person in Hir Power...the cards, all of them, beginning with 'don't fool yourself' and ending with 'you're a flaming arrow' are telling you that the Goal of everything you are going to be doing is, ideally, to Take your Power, to Become, to discover and nurture your True Will and activate the amazing, unique, and wholly incomparable Being who is your Whole Self. Hey, my friend...welcome to your YOUniverse....Enjoy the view!

Blessings and peace,

Aisling the Bard