Saturday, April 7, 2012

Walk In Beauty

April 7: Daughter of Wands, Haindl Tarot

The Daughter (Princess) of Wands in Haindl's interpretation is the avatar of The Fire Within... (I find it intriguing that we have drawn this card on the Full Moon of Alder, which represents Fire in the Head). The card is peaceful, bright but calm, and Radha's face is contemplative, musing, the soft smile on her lips indicative of something very beautiful going on inside her mind and heart.

This card is not complex of interpretation, and that in itself is actually part of its meaning and significance. Today Radha calls us to look quietly inside ourselves, to look peacefully at our immediate surroundings, and to see the beauty which is always there but which we so often ignore. Today, it is about small things. Look at this peaceful woman, and try to envision that expression of contentment on your own face. Listen to the lovely ethereal tones of her flute as it plays for you within the silence of your own mind. Smile inwardly today about something within your own head, something lovely that no one else knows about, that is there only for you. For just this moment, for just this day, look around you and draw peace and contentment from your own surroundings. This is your day. This is your world. You are part of life's loveliness. You are beauty. You walk in beauty. Go peacefully into this day. It is yours.