Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan. 19: Beginning Anew....

If you're like me, my friend, you have a talent for repeating yourself when you'd rather not, and forgetting what you want to do when you wish to remember. So, this morning, at the commencement of a new week, let's look at some simple guideposts, nothing too detailed, just a general directional view from the vantage point of Monday morning. Let's look at the Ogham, using the energies of the trees to give us some perspective, and let's simply look for a Yes and a No to guide our week.

Stave 1: Saying "Yes"--What should I look for more of this week?
Aspen trees have one wonderful quality, that of being a forest of trees above-ground and a single tree beneath. Here in Utah, we have Pando, one of the world's largest and oldest living organisms, which perfectly displays the energy of the aspen: a perfect natural exemplar of clan or family, as well as the traditions of the ancestors and the law and courage and faith of the ancient peoples on whom our knowledge of Craft is built. And its symbolic meaning is what we seek more of this week; overcoming fear and doubt by the inner guidance of our tradition and lore and the external assistance of clan and family.

Stave 2: Saying "No"-- What should I look for less of this week?

Hmm...there really are no surprises in this divination business, are there? The tree is Blackthorne, out of which the shillelagh is made in Ireland, which is often used, not only as a walking-stick, but to clout some blatherskite over the nob. And what we want less of this week is--well, "strife". No meaningless arguments, no unnecessary disagreements, but simply walking our Path, speaking our Truth with honor, honesty, and compassion, and doing our best not to add the distraction of personal difficulties and disagreements to our week's walk.

May the Trees guide you well, and may you walk in beauty!

Aisling the Bard