Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look At That Girl Van Gogh!

March 29, 2012: Queen Of Cups, Daniel's Bootstrap Tarot

Exuberantly dancing on the edge of mystery, holding the "stars" in her hands, the Queen of Cups as envisioned by my friend Daniel Webster Christiansen cavorts gaily in front of Van Gogh's brilliant "Starry Night", fusing in her exuberance the ideas of water and fire.

Briefly put, the Queen of Cups is the avatar who represents the pure force of Water, intuitive, reflective, and emotionally secure in her Self--but here she also reminds us that Water dances and plays, sparkles and shines, flows and splashes, and gives us back the full range of emotions including the passion for life.

Fire of Water seems almost a contradiction to us when we think about the two elements--they do seem incongruous. But fire is to water as Will is to Want...and the Queen of Cups is cavorting through our cards today to remind us that fire and water do, indeed, have a symbiotic relationship. One "puts out" a fire with water, yes. But one may also heat water with fire. And one takes what one "wants", ideally (the manifestation of fire as desire or passion) and one subjects it to the concept of the True Will, the deep Self as manifested by intuition and insight, the underlying elemental correspondences of water. So the Queen of Cups dances in the starlight, joyous exuberance fully manifesting--but she's not really "holding" those stars, and she's in no danger whatsoever of stumbling into a face-plant no matter how intricate the steps of the dance.

So, for today, here's a novel thought. How about trying, in our own small ways, to manifest the exuberant equilibrium of the Queen of Cups? How about--thinking about how we feel, and feeling our deepest thoughts? How might that change your dance, today? Let's find out!