Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daily Draw, 2/14/2015...Who's Your Valentine?

Here we go with a commemoration which my Mom always referred to as a "Hallmark Holiday"...but that didn't prevent her from swooning over the flowers and chocolate offered by my Dad and her kids. So I will go with the flow today, realizing that over much of the world, this is the festival of Lovers....And that's where we're going to source our draw today, in the concept of Lovers. What do I love? What loves me? And how do I share more love?

  Huh? the Fire-Warrior Fairy? So--the answer to "what do I love?" is "a good fight?" Nawww....oh, but wait. Her subtitle might actually mean what is true here. do, we all do. love the idea that we are warriors, we can make it through anything, we can defend our Selves and those we love against persecution and oppression of any kind, and we can soldier through until the end. Hmm....not so bad! Fire it is, in the head, heart, and hands. Nurture your Inner Flame, will see you through anything.