Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan. 28: Wyrd Wednesday

Normally, when we call something "weird", we're saying it is peculiar--'ooky-spooky' is something of a definitive derivative, iykwim; we don't usually use the word "weird" as a compliment. BUT--there is a reason why, perhaps, we might like to think that once in a while. That word is actually from the Anglo-Saxon word "wyrd", which is the word for Fate or Destiny, referring both to the Being, an Old Norse Goddess, and to the series of events. And to "dree one's wyrd" is to simply discern, or know, one's fate, and decide what one will do to either embrace it or counter it. So--Woden's Day it is, my friends, the Old Norse God of inspiration, poesy, and ecstasy, all states which serve one well in interacting with Fate. And how shall we, today, Dree our Wyrd? Let's find out.

Three cards drawn today, in order--What does Fate have in store for me, what shall I do about it, and what may I learn from it with the assistance of poetic inspiration?

Well, we've seen this one before, haven't we? Here we have a figure standing balanced on the bridge of a boat which is cresting the raging waves; in the rear is a waxing moon and the terrifying spectre of a huge shadowy Beast. The astrological sign of Cancer, the crab in hir shell, as well as the Norse rune Haigl, "destruction", and the I Ching hexagram "cheth", which means "fence," all speak of a powerful danger behind the figure, one which is threatening to "overcome from behind" unless a fence is put up and a shell erected around the intended prey. But the water on which the craft is floating, as well as the Moon, symbolize our instinctive and innate responses to threats of danger.  The ‘beast’ behind the craft on the waves represents whatever it is that ‘hunts’ – or ‘haunts’, perhaps? – us, the thing we fear, the thing that makes us move forward for fear of what might happen if we don’t.  This version of the card implies that if we allow the power of the waves to carry us though the challenges facing us, and by so doing, allowing ourselves to open up to new possibilities, then our own instincts, our innate wisdom and understanding, and our ability to look within ourselves for resources will ultimately save us.

What shall I do about it? The Ten of Cups simply says, do what your inner child has done before in order to surmount the ever-present "here it is again" thing that haunts you--you will remember that you have successfully countered this before, and you can do it again this time.

What may I learn from this? That even the most powerful threat will ultimately give me opportunities to succeed through intuition and inner strength, and that my ability to look within my Self for answers, my emotional responses to threats outside my Self, are actually answers and tools, not simply evasions."As above so below", meaning the successful interaction with my many-times-repeated threat, the thing that "haunts" me, will be a foundation which makes it possible to have more confidence in my Self and move forward. Yes, this Beast may knock at the door again. I will be ready for it.

Blessings on your day,

Aisling the Bard