Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 2016 Tarot Blog Hop: Not Just Junk, But Image-ination!

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June 2016 Blog Hop....Junk Mail Tarot

Here is a photo sent to me years ago in advertising for the 2002 Winter Olympics held here in Salt Lake City Utah. I used it to create a card for our Maninni Project, and feel that the actual images on the card already represented the tarot meaning even when the photo was supposed to be merely advertising.


This is a photo of the Olympic Torch which still stands today at the gateway of the U of U athletic field. I superimposed it on a photo of the winter flow of Millcreek, and it represents the flame which remains burning even in the time of the dark. The original photo was this view  of the flags set up at the opening ceremony, and a reminder of the beauty of Utah's Snow Season, which "we will now share with the world". In my opinion the concept of the Olympics and the idea of the Ace of Blades are quite congruent, so I figured this card was supposed to happen. For me, blades are fire, the will, the rising of the need from the inner Being to manifest with action as the Sun rises in the sky. The Ace is the beginning of the True Will, as defined "what do I NEED, not WANT, to do?" and therefore the snow and ice, the flux and flow of what is already there and the tempering power of Water on Fire so that one's own Inner Power does not become Power Over, are all manifested in the card. You, too, will have opportunities to kindle the Fire of your own True Will, and will, and may already have, understood the connection between the flame and the flow. Think about it. How has it worked for you? Hope you enjoy the memories.

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