Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today's Draw: Yes and No Layout

Been a while, my friends, but the TarotWitch is back in business, and here's today's Daily Draw, a new "spread" (can you call it a spread if it's only two cards?) which I am terming the "Yes and No Draw". Basically, this draw can be interpreted one of two ways:

1) Look at both cards, and choose one to mean "Yes", and the other to mean "No", about whatever issues or circumstances you have on your mind today. This means that one of these cards represents, "Yes, this. I see that this energy is active today, and this is something I need to develop and focus upon." And the other card represents, "NO. No, not this feeling/action/response/path. I should NOT do this. Or think this. Or listen to this. NO."
2) Or---have a circumstance or situation already in your mind. Do focus on your desired, or not desired, course of action in this circumstance. And then, you tell yourself, with the first card, "If I say "yes" to this, THIS is what is going to be the result." And, of course, the second card is, "If I say "no" to this, THIS will be the outcome." And so, you decide, will you be saying "yes" or will you say "no"?

Today's draw uses the Tarot of the Old Path. Your cards for today are:

First card:  Five of Pentacles. This card depicts a couple who have obviously undergone some injuries, and are standing stunned in their bloody bandages trying to figure out what comes next. But right behind them is a "money tree" loaded with coins, which they are not able to see because it is not in their current view. This card says, "Change your perspective on the situation that may have hurt you, and look around for alternatives in order to heal. The situation might appear bleak, but there are always other choices, if you will just look."

Second Card: Six of Swords: In this card, the knight/sword-bearer is balanced precariously on uneven stepping stones, carrying one shining sword in either hand, and carefully journeying towards a lovely and peaceful islands. His path is guarded by the "Ladies of the Lake" holding swords to create a direction for his travel. The card represents the ways in which we may succeed in even the most precarious journeys if we have focus, if we guard ourselves and permit ourselves to be carefully directed when necessary, and if we "keep our balance" no matter how apparently daunting are the circumstances.

So--which of today's cards is your "Yes" and which is your "No"? How will you let your choice be your guardian in accord with the omens you are seeing? Have a safe and prosperous journey through your day, and this is your TarotWitch signing off. FFF & F, and see you tomorrow!