Saturday, January 17, 2015

Daily Draw Jan. 17: Life By The Numbers

Again, today, I woke up with numbers going through my head. Today is the 17th, (which is an 8) and a dear friend's birthday, and it is also a date for which the year number, 1+17+2015, adds up, at first, to the day number, 17, and therefore it also adds up to 8, which is a foundation, here we go. Random draw, based on the numbers

Card 1: Today's Date, 17-- What's this day about?

  Oh, my HAYUL--I can hardly believe this. Because the seventeenth card in my deck, drawn at random, was the EIGHT of Wands. Yes, this number is significant today.  And this card is about focusing on the True Will, balancing all the parameters, having a clear perspective on the issue, and getting it done, swiftly and expeditiously. So, let's do that.

Card 2: Day and year, 8: What is the foundation and what do I build thereon?

  The eighth card in the deck today is the Prince of Wands, Krishna. His flute is intended to lead the Seeker into the hidden realms of hir own power, and the peacock eye behind him symbolizes seeing Within and knowing what is for your Self and what is to be shared with others.

Somehow, there are, as always, no accidents. Both cards Wands, both focused on the 8 of foundation leading to completion, and both connected with your personal power and doing what you know/want/need to do. So--sally forth, and live by the numbers! And may you Walk in Beauty!

Aisling the Bard