Saturday, October 29, 2016

Daily Draw, Saturday--Looking to the Dark

Well, folks, this draw is one that gives us an opportunity to look into the Shadow before we actually enter it...tomorrow, Sunday, is the Dark Moon of Reed in the Celtic Tree Calendar, and the following day, of course, is Samhain, the end of the life of the year and the celebration of many other lives which have ended. So--what do we need in order to make the best journey into the Dark of both Moon and Sun?
And, of course, Spirit speaks straight and clear when we ask. Our card of the day is the Mother of Stones, Spider Woman, a sacred Being from my own home here in Utah. With her we see the sacred labyrinth, represented by, and representative of, the spiderweb, and the weaving of fate. And her energy tells us to focus on the journey, not the destination, to permit ourselves to follow the twists and turns of the labyrinthine road, knowing that the only true Shadow we will find in the Dark is our Sacred Self, and the center of our own labyrinth, which is the meaning of our life journey and the pieces of our own puzzle upon which we should focus. We know we cannot journey wrong, because the journey IS the destination, and we will arrive where and how, and when, and as whom, we are intended to be. So feel safe, journey slowly, pay attention, and walk in beauty!