Sunday, February 8, 2015

Card A Day, Feb 4-8: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

This is a rather interesting spread, one which I use to get an overview of what is coming up in my life. The five cards answer the questions I learned to use as a journalist to make certain I got down all the details of whatever story I was working on. It's a comprehensive outline of the energies and incidents which are calling my attention today. The only thing I have added to the journalistic world-view of the five questions is the idea that often the "who" is ME, an aspect of myself, or a way I need to approach the what, where, when, and why of the cycle.


Odin, hanging on the World Tree, one eye sacrificed in order to give up the concept of "I see all" and remain receptive in order to win the runes from Mimir's Well, is a dual image here. It does bespeak "pay attention" as we see him hanging upside-down, voluntarily relinquishing his powers in order to achieve inner wisdom, and it also might represent one from whom we ourselves may be going to be learning in the upcoming cycle, someone who is not arrogant, pushy or overbearing, but who teaches by example. Whether we are looking at our own required stance or that of the teacher who will give us wisdom, the baseline message is "shut up and listen."


  Interference raises its specter of frustration as we try to take our path. The tree surrounded by swords represents the bits and pieces of rules and restrictions and conditions to the opening of our own minds and hearts. But they are often placed there by ourselves, so looking at the two cards together, we get, "listen, hold still and pay attention, and don't surround what you are seeing and hearing with competitive ideas. It is what it is. Don't prejudge it."


The answer is definitely "within your own core of mind and heart". Parsifal is the seeker of the Grail, the sacred Truth within that took him aeons to discover because he was looking outside himself instead of within to discover the central facets of both his journey and his destination. So--listen and pay attention, don't keep "shoulding on yourself" but let things flow freely, and know that much of what you seek is already within you.