Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan. 27: Twofer Tuesday

Here's a technique one may use to get an overview, using two cards, of the energies which are surrounding one's life on a given day. Use both hands to draw from the deck, simultaneously, focusing on what one is giving forth and what one is receiving. The "power hand" (left hand if you're left-handed, right hand if you're right-handed) is the one with which you do things, so that hand will draw the card denoting what you are giving forth. And the other hand is called the "receptive hand" and represents that which you are drawing in. So for this draw, I am focusing on those who are reading and sharing this blog--what is our most dominant energy to be aware of as we walk through the day, and what is our receptive energetic focus. So--let's see where the energies  lie....

What is being sent forth?

Well, that does indeed represent a 'sending forth'--eight besoms, made of ash and willow, being launched into the sky by a smiling matron, gazing serenely overhead at the flock of swallows surrounding her offering. The swallow is the bird of the Goddess Isis, the protector of the innocent, and the besom, even if one is not a witch, represents the binding of knowledge, power, and the ability to travel the realms. So, what we are sending forth, in the element of Fire for the Will, is our knowledge, awareness, and experience, to make it possible for those with whom we interact to journey in their minds to new ideas, new places, and new realms of the Soul, and to be protected from harm in the journey.

What is being received?

Whenever I do a random draw and coincidentally get two cards of the same suit, I know it is time to pay attention. Again, what we are receiving is connected to the power of the Will and the intent. The Page of Rods is holding a branch of white ash, and one may see fronds of fern around him--the Ash is the tree of the personal power of the wielder, and ferns represent trust. In the Page's hand is a scroll, being held close to the heart, perhaps one which may have been discovered in that patch of fern? This card tells us that we are going to be receiving hidden arcane knowledge which will assist us in increasing our personal power, and that the source of the information is to be trusted. It also lets us know that what we are to receive is to be "held close to the chest"...it is sacred, secret, arcane and ours alone. Let's walk our day and see what comes to us, eh?

Blessings on your day,

Aisling the Bard