Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tarot Blog Hop 2014....The Seer, the Bard, the Healer, Brighid

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This is my entry in the 2014 Imbolc Session of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wonderful wrangler, Christiana C. Gaudet, has given us some scope here with a very comprehensive and insightful topic, stated "Tarot, Healing, and Creativity". I see this topic as a perfect mirror of the Threefold Goddess, because, of course, Healing is one of the Three Faces of Brighid, Creativity matches with Poesy, another of Her aspects, and--Tarot? Well--Tarot is "Smithcraft" of an esoteric kind--the "making" is the intuitive knowledge of the reader assisting the client to "remake" certain circumstances in hir life. So...poesy, smithcraft, and healing--that's my Goddess, and that's who I hope to emulate in my own life. And I wrote something to assist me in putting into words both what I see in Her to honor and venerate, and what I hope to mirror in my Self as I attempt to become more like Herself. And what I wrote, which is not just a poem but a song, is posted here as my entry into the wondrous realm of honor, praise, and gratitude which this Blog Hop affords to me.

For Brighid... From Aisling

Lady of the Bard's Harp

Tune my soul and sing to me! ring through me!

Fill my words with power

Holy strong

Queen of song


Lady of the Forge Fire

Light my will and turn to me, Burn through me!

Bless my hands with cunning,

Holy Name,

Living Flame,


Mother! Flow to me, Grow through me,

Rock my heart on Your waters,

Healer, Nourish me, Cherish me,

Deep in your Endless sea,


Poet, Smith, and Healer,

Come to me and

Fill my night

With your light

Courage for the long road,

Flame divine,

Mother mine,


© Aisling the Bard, 2014 All Rights Reserved.

And now, dear reader, please enjoy yourself humming your own paean of praise to the Threefold Lady, and wander on through the Blog Hop to enjoy the creativity, healing, and even the Tarot, of my wonderful companions on this journey. Blessed Imbolc to you, and Beannacht Bhrighide!