Friday, January 23, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan. 23: Friday "Fool"ishness

The Fool is a card about which many contradictory things have been written. But the main idea is simply that the Fool is someone whose number, zero, is a 'placeholder' and that, whether or not intelligence is at work, the Fool is an open circle of possibility, awaiting some kind of insight or information, and not expecting anything in particular. So, today, we're going to use the Fool as our 'placeholder' in the deck, and see what particular kind of information is going to fall into our circle. Here's the plan:

Today, numerologically, is a five. 1/23/2015. So...first, we take the deck, and we shuffle it well. Then, we turn over one card at a time until we find the Fool card. There it is, and we remove it. Now, we do a focused draw. If, when we drew the card from the deck, it was reversed, we count back five cards. If it was upright, we simply continue from where we found the Fool, counting five more cards. And either way, the fifth card in either direction from the Fool is today's message. When I did the draw, the Fool was upright. So, five cards down the stack, here's what I drew:

  Today's card is Justice, and it contains, symbolically, some pretty good insight for our waiting Fool-self.  The Hebrew letter on the card, in the upper left corner, is "Lamed", the ox goad; this symbol represents what needs must happen moving forward, whether we wish it or not. And the Norse rune, Nyd, N, necessity, reminds us that on a cosmic scale balance is always the ultimate result--it is necessary that the Universe remain in balance, and this is what will happen, no matter how long it takes. So there ought to be no surprise that the astrological symbol on the card is Libra, which is the primary manifestation of balance, and whose name, "libra", is the root word of "liberty", since "the truth shall set you free". But what of the image itself? In the card, two separate images of balance are shown, one by the scales in the foreground and the other by the cluster of peacock feathers. The scales hang from an invisible holder, unchanging, the cosmic balls suspended above the pans. This signifies that Justice always exists in the universe as a perfect principle. The feathers exist in a much more precarious balance; a breath of wind would disrupt them. In the world of ordinary experience, Justice often seems remote. The feathers appear rooted in a tree trunk, suggesting that spirit does not exist apart from nature. Their "eyes" signify seeing our own emotions. And their presence behind the scales, seemingly carefully arranged and artistically balanced, holds the deep message of the card for the Fool...Justice is the cosmic balance of the Universe, and in the current situation, no matter how far and remote it may appear to be from the present moment, Justice will be done, and we shall receive the balance required to move forward with our lives. So--there you have it, Fool. This Fool is going to believe it, and walk securely into the future of the day and the week, knowing that what is supposed to happen is indeed what is happening.

Walk in Beauty,

Aisling the Bard