Saturday, May 30, 2015

Daily Draw, May 30: What Falls On The Floor....

....comes in at the door. One-card reading today, because Spirit made a single card leap out of the deck and land on the floor BEFORE I HAD EVEN TAKEN THE DECK FROM THE BAG. That is an omen not to be ignored, so today we listen to....

Something you care deeply about, something that lights the fire of passion within you, is being ignored or put on the back burner. It is time to make it your primary focus. Do it. Do it now. Or begin to do it. It matters.

Walk in Beauty!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Daily Draw, May 28: What Goes Around....

Today's draw is focused on cycles, and we are looking at the inner workings of the Wheel, our lives, the cycles of Fate and the daily round of the day. We shuffle the deck, and we choose four in the cycle of the cards. Top, middle, bottom, and then a random draw, representing the dawn, the midday, the evening, and the unknown, just for today. And here's our forecast:

 Dawn--the first avatar of our day, is Brahma, the Father of Wands. His energy is focused, positive, and brings to bear our own personal powers of creation, the bright new beginning of every day, and our need to walk calmly and in peace through the four directions, our own elemental foci, and the ability we have to create what we Will in each and every new day.
 At the noon hour, the midday pause for lunch and reflection, we meet the Ace of Wands, the fire of the focused Will, the burning flame of our own need to create our own Wraith for each and every day. We are shown a burning spear, reminiscent of the phallic power of creation, flaming before a shell filled with water, calm and receptive. We are reminded by this symbolism that we must exert our will and intention, but do so with calm and peace, merging the various elements of a given situation as merge male and female to create life.
 In the evening, we gaze upon the Nine of Wands, the card labeled "Power", and we reflect upon the different ways we manifest our own personal power throughout a given day. We look at the I Ching hexagram on the left, Shih, "leadership" and we recognize our need to lead with head and heart and not with might, noticing that the nine flaming spears have each its own aura, not joining together to bully and create power-over, but individually dealing with each aspect of the Work. This card is the ultimate representation of positive use of personal power to achieve a stated objective, and we can look upon what we are doing as empowering not just to ourselves but to the situation.
The final card, the Unknown, is a basic warning about what happens when we exert the force of our Will on stated objectives. Quite often we do not take into consideration other energies being brought to bear on the same situation, and we feel "useless" when all we Will and desire does not instantly come to pass. Our warning from the Unknown is not to permit ourselves these feelings, but to let process continue in the Universe's own good time. We have set the flame in motion, not everything happens all at once, give it time and energy and the fire will burn.

Walk in Beauty!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daily Draw, May 27: Life By The Numbers

Today, the date, May 27th, 2015, may be rendered 5/27/2015. This adds up to 22, which in numerology is considered a "Master Number". The Master Number 22 represents the "Master Builder", and denotes the ability to create reality from intuition or dreams, to manifest the arcane, to envision the future based on the wisdom of one's own ancient past, and to teach the wisdom of life to others. So, today, we will do a physical draw, after shuffling our cards, and see what card 22 has to say to us about these ideas.

And today, from the Tarot Of The Old Path, our card 22 is the Nine of Rods. The woman in the red and gold gown, the colors of supernal fire, is bearing a flaming rod of birch and standing within a birch thicket which is beginning to leaf forth. Birch, in the Celtic Tree Calendar, is the tree of new beginnings and rebirth, and the woman's rod represents the inception of an entirely new path, as she looks around herself guardedly, reminding herself that she must proceed with caution whilst simultaneously being aware of, and prepared for, any obstacles in her path. For you, today, this card represents your own Inner Vision of ways in which you might be able to dramatically rethink your path, to create a new birth in accord with your True Will and based upon the intuitive goals you have set for yourself. Go to it, beloved--you can't do it wrong. Walk in Beauty!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daily Draw, May 25 and 26: Pros and Cons

(The TarotWitch was riding the broom over the M-day weekend doing much observation of the Universe in order to deepen the readings, so today we have a two-day draw to regard.)

We ask ourselves, in order to look at the depth of a particular situation, "What are the pros and cons of speaking my mind in this particular case?" The "particular case" will be different for each person who uses this draw, but you will know what issue/situation in your own life is being addressed here.

Soooo...on Monday, the 25th, the card drawn is the "Pro", as in, "If I speak out, this will be the positive energy evoked." And our card is:
So, in the situation to which you apply this reading, speaking your Truth will assist the process of Justice to be present in the situation. Be aware as you look through the eventualities, that your own idea of "Justice" may not be the same as that which the Universe chooses to evoke. But whatever is the Just outcome, your speaking out will assist it to occur.

And so, this morning, we draw the "Con" card...if you do speak out, what negative energies may be brought to bear on the situation? And our draw brings us:

The Sword in Haindl's deck is "Air", the power of the mind, intellect, new ideas, and the blowing of the winds of change. The "negative" effect of speaking your Truth in this situation is simply that you will receive knowledge, and be made aware of some aspects of the situation, that you do not know right now, and that, because of their effect on your Self and the other people in the situation, you might prefer not to know or somehow be willfully keeping your Self from admitting. This can actually seem "negative" if it changes your perspective on certain individuals, events, or situations, but all in all, the truth must out in all situations, and you need to know what you need to know.

So, choose your path here. Choose to speak or to remain silent, and let the winds and tides bring the result you ascertain.

Walk in Beauty!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Daily Draw, May 24...What Do You Know?

(NOTE: Have had some issues with this platform, so the Daily Draw hasn't been happening. Think we have it fixed so we're going to try again. Apologies to those who have been waiting...We're BAAAAAAACK!)

Today's random draw was in response to the question..."What will serve me today?" and we received this:

   The eight of stones in the Haindl Tarot has a view of a rocky cliff, and the stones are suspending themselves in midair in front of the dusty, barren landscape. But, you may say, looking at the picture, I only see seven stones...look again. On the right. See that transparent bubble? That is number 8, and it's reminding you that knowledge is not "solid, static, fixed". Knowledge is evolution. It's change. It's informing yourself about things as a process, not as a fixed, cut-and-dried, "this is it, so there" attitude. Your I Ching hexagram on this card reinforces that idea, being Tun, "Retreat", whose energy is phrased "Heaven Above Mountain", and which reminds you that small, seemingly insignificant things are the gateway to success. The barrenness of the landscape behind the stones is the empty mind, waiting for the impact of new ideas and understandings. Be still and listen. Learn, become. Let knowledge fill you today, and know you will grow from this process.