Monday, January 5, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan 5: Monday, Monday

This one is going to be pretty simple. Three cards. When the new week begins, three cards work to focus our intent and actions for the upcoming week. Body, mind, spirit, each an essential part of our ability to make our journey, and each one something to which we must pay attention. Today we'll be using a different tool, the Celtic Ogham, to add the Lore of the Trees to the focus of our intent and actions for the week. So, here goes....


This is the tree from which "spindles" were actually made in the medieval times in Europe. Its entire function was seen to be as a tool, and its meaning in the Ogham is pretty much the same, "Finish obligations and tasks or you cannot move forward." Sounds as if some care of tasks pertaining to the body will be important this week. Dietary situation? Exercise? Checkup with the physician? New wardrobe? or doing the laundry? You decide. 



This tree is the tree of "protection of the innocent", whether that refers to a virgin maiden, a small child, a person who is the victim of cruelty or oppression, or any other person or being whose innocence and safety is perhaps under threat. And so--who may be trying to "mess with your mind" this week, starting today? Who is trying to make you believe a lie, or keep you from thinking for yourself, or sell you a bill of goods. Your mind will require your care and protection this week so that you can know what is true and continue to think for your Self and make your own decisions. Pay Attention!

This is the tree of Gwydion, the Mage, and always refers to the acceptance and claiming of one's personal power. It refers to the machinations of Fate, the divine process, one's personal spiritual inspiration, and instructs the one who draws it to take action in the realm of Spirit, and to do what your True Will instructs you to do no matter what the outside world may be thinking. So--you know what you believe. You know how Spirit is speaking to you. Do as you Will, and claim your Power. The Gods are with you! 

Blessings on your week,

Aisling the Bard