Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tarot Blog Hop--Spring Has Sprung--Oestare 2014

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OK, folks, Winter is dead or dying and Spring, new life, new plans, fresh winds of Change, is being born even as we watch....So, how does the Tarot help us to blow out the old and spring into the new? Well--here's a pretty simple pattern that might be of assistance. We have a tendency to make "resolutions", or make plans for change, but we don't necessarily think about where we've come from, or where we actually ARE, when we're focused on where we're going. So this Spring, let's "spring" from the past, to the present, and then to the future, doing the "bunny hop" to remind ourselves of what has been, what is, and therefore get a better handle on what is to Be.

A simple three-card draw gives us our road map: Past, Present,, let's get hoppin'!

 Here's our first card, from the Tarot of the Old Path--the "Lone Man", known in other decks as the Hanged Man. He's not a prisoner, he's hanging there of his own free will and choice, surveying the scene--listening, not talking, and Paying Attention. So--what is there in the Past that calls to us, that says, "Slow down, STOP! This is important...this, that is part of the past, is the lesson for you to carry into the future!"  

And our card for the Present is the Six of Swords from the Haindl Tarot. It is a curious blend of the esoteric and the mundane, and the immediate message, using not only the word "Science" but the picture of the dying vines with just a hint of green, is about reminding us in the present moment to deal accurately and authentically with what is actually present in our lives, but remembering that what we hold and are learning at this very moment is the seed of growth in the future.


And so, what does that Future hold? What has been blown to us by the Winds of Change--what "Springs" into our lives at this time? Well, at first glance, we may not like it is a thief, taking away the "Swords" which represent our thoughts, our plans, our ideas for the future. The grin of glee on his face makes us think he's really made a mess of our well-laid plans...BUT! WAIT!....

The "thief", dressed in the yellow which represents Air/Ideas and the red which represents Fire/Will, is the only person in the picture. And his arms are loaded with the four swords he has stolen, but he's looking back in frustration at the three he had to leave behind....and so, Dear One, here's your message for the future. The thief is your Self, working against your Self when you overload your Future with too many plans, too many ideas, total confusion where you can't do anything but "steal" time for this bit and that bit, and leave other bits behind. The message is...SLOW DOWN. Simplify. Look back at the Lone Man, contemplating. Remember the seeds of Science which have given you, in the present, plans for a productive future. You will have one, if you move more slowly, not "stealing" from your Self time for this and that, but carefully sheathing or using each of the Swords/Ideas/Thoughts in its own good time.

So--Hop along now, and see where there might be other ideas to help you Spring Forward in a way that brings you to a joyful future!

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