Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seeking Shadows

February 4, 2012: Mother of Swords, Haindl Tarot

She arches over the earth, a starry night sky filled with mysterious stars, and surrounds the green and beating heart of creation with her ever-deepening silence. She is the shadow, the mystery, that which lies at the furthest edges of the psyche and leads us on into journeys with no destination. 

She is Nuit, Goddess of the Night, and perhaps is the oldest iconic Goddess in all the cultures of the earth. Her lore is an attempt to answer the age-old question of mankind, "where does the Sun go in the nighttime?"  And so, for us, she is the avatar of that-which-lies-within, and bespeaks the journey to our own dark places...

And why is she a Sword? Perhaps because the truth of darkness is so piercing, perhaps because her legends speak of her lying over the face of Geb, the Earth, the obelisk of his phallus piercing her eternal darkness...and perhaps because, of all the states of Being, for humans darkness has always seemed the most threatening. 

So, today, we contemplate Nuit. Where is your darkness? What is there to explore within it? And how does your darkness enhance your light?