Monday, May 1, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop, Bealteine 2017: Tarot AND.....

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So, my friends. here is the 2017 Bealteine Tarot Blog Hop....our charming Wrangler, Arwen Lynch Poe, has asked us to respond to the question, ""Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?"  I find this topic totally engrossing and exceptionally useful to me, since indeed I do work with three different oracles (at a minimum) when I am doing readings. And my reasons are as follows....

There is quite a range of reasons why people come in to get a reading, but in my Druidic background, as well as my connection to Brighid as Her Priestess, I do have a tendency to group the kinds of readings that people request into the context of the Three Realms as Druidry denotes them, Land, Sea, and Sky, or Body, Mind, and Spirit...and my hope for my clients is that we will, together, work the reading so that they may go away feeling as if they are able to deal with one of the Three Fires of Brighid to create their desired end, with either Fire in the Head (Poetry), Fire in the Hands (Smithcraft), or Fire in the Heart (Healing). And the three tools I use work to this end.

My own creation, the Faery-Fire Oracle, is based on the Nine Realms of the Sidhe, relating to nine aspects of human personality, and the nine stages of life. And so this one works really well for things where the client needs clarity about what is going on within the Self. Fire in the Heart is Inner Health and Well-Being. It is knowing what is going on within your own heart and mind, and it is creating whatever you need to do to achieve your desired end regardless of circumstances. And so, this is the first tool I explain to the client.

The Tarot itself is a tool with great subtlety, much detail, and many ramifications available in any circumstance. I consider it the paramount oracle for dealing with issues concerning the outside world of the client, including family, relationships, job, home, money, friends, and all the other "outside stuff" that is actually the foundation upon which of us builds our personal lives. It is a useful tool to create for us "Fire In The Head", i.e. awareness and knowledge and ideas about how to deal with the ramifications of life.

The third tool I use is the Celtic Tree Runes, the Ogham, in the Beith-Luis-Nion arrangement. Because of the energy of the trees as the year proceeds from Birch to Yew, this tool can give the client specific information about the energy of The Future, what kinds of energies are coming forward and what to do more of or less of to open the Gate of Fate. As the client looks at the tools laid out on the table, he or she chooses which one or ones might best fit the context of their desired information.

And just as an example, since this Hop celebrates Bealteine, I am going to do a draw for all of us to look at. There will be one card drawn from each tool, to respond to the question, "In the Bealteine Fire, which burns with love and inner flame of passion, what is it I need to know and experience to assist me to move forward with New Life?"

And we go.

Faery-Fire Oracle: Queen of Passion's Flame. Her interpretation: 
The Faeries Say: You are a passionate person in every sense of the word. Sometimes that might put you at odds with others, and sometimes that might make you feel as if you are standing alone in some situations. But there is one thing to remember here. Your passion for life and for the things that matter to you is what sets you apart from every other person on the planet, and your passionate nature in relationships means no one is indifferent to you, and that no relationship in your life is unimportant.

Haindl Tarot: Six of Cups: Interpretation: You need to be more powerful, directing the flow rather than following. Look at your past as a repository of wisdom to be applied judiciously in the present.  Then use this as motivation for change. Make the very best use of hindsight, employing new strategies and trying new angles on these recurring issues.


Celtic Ogham, Gort/Ivy: The Spiral To Center: Interpretation: Look within your Self to know the tools with which the Universe will create your Future. It is necessary that you understand and accept all the details of your own personality, and choose to use these as tools to create your future.

And so, friends, there you have it. Tarot---AND. Body, Mind, and Spirit. Walk in Beauty!

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