Monday, March 26, 2012

Two-Fer, On A Monday...

March 26, 2012

As always, when mundania causes your TarotWitch to miss a daily draw, we compensate the following day with an actual spread. Had some scattered thoughts going through the head this morning, and don't quite know what to make of them. So I did a two-fer spread, for me and for you, too, with one of those questions a reader uses when s/he knows there's something going on but doesn't quite know how to address it. So the question(s) for the spread are, addressed to the Universe: "what do You want me to know, and why?" Let's see what we've been told.

1) What do you want me to know?
Seven of Wands, Utah Maninni One Tarot

I found it immediately brain-catching that the random draw came up with a card I myself created for our first community Maninni Tarot deck. Without any pushing on my part, the concept leapt into my head, "You already know what I want you to know--you're just ignoring it." This card, of course, represents "wands-as-fire" although that is not my general attribution, and this card is about finding the unexpected idea or piece of information sparking into one's head when one already had things arranged in what looked like a correct and useful pattern. Roses are arranged in the Star of David pattern, which is representative of "As Above, So Below" and also indicates the balance of Fire and Earth, ideas and manifestations, and yet, and yet, there's that torch in the middle which really doesn't seem to fit--and yet it's burning brightly, and unlike the roses, is moving, active fire, which might just consume everything we've so carefully arranged. So...the Universe is telling us...What I want you to know is that the unexpected is coming, to disarrange your carefully-laid ideas and plans. Wait for it, and be prepared, so you'll know what to do when it gets here.

2) Why? Four of Swords, Utah Maninni One Tarot

He lies quietly, hands folded, looking almost like a corpse on a bier...the crossed swords over his head and the one in his hands clearly indicate that for now, at least, the time of action is over. He's at rest, he's contemplating, he isn't in a hurry to get back to the fight. He's just "being", not "doing". And that's the best possible "why" when one receives a card such as the one above, where we are told that something unexpected is going to disrupt our plans. If I could hear the conversation the Universe is having with us in these two cards, it would sound something like this:

"You have things all balanced and nicely arranged, all your ideas fit together in symmetry...but wait! You're not aware of this piece of the puzzle, and it doesn't exactly fit your pattern. And the reason this is happening, and the reason I want you to slow down, stop, think about it, is because you're ignoring something--some vital piece of the puzzle that burns brightly right in the middle of everything you're doing, while you are acting as if it isn't even there. Pay attention here. Take a step back, put up your swords, rest and contemplate, and figure out how to make the whole picture fit. Pay Attention, here!"

Ahhh...ok. We moved too fast--we missed a piece. It's all about Paying Attention?

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