Sunday, January 25, 2015

Daily Draw Jan. 25: Seven on the Seventh....

Today is the "seventh day", sometimes called the Day of Rest, for Biblical reasons. Many people see Sunday as the oasis of peace and tranquility where nothing happens but rest, football, fun with family, and perhaps the occasional food or beverage indulgence. The seventh day today has a double resonance, because today's number is also a seven...1+2+5+2+0+1+5=16=7. So, what is a good way to translate those two sevens to a guide for our day?

I took a physical deck, shuffled it well, and simply counted down seven cards for the first draw, and then turned it over and counted down seven cards again for the second draw. Seven in numerology denotes reflection, introspection, and a need for mystic and intellectual stimulation. So each card is a response to the same kind of question, aimed in contrary directions:

Card 1: What am I supposed to be reflecting upon (looking back at the week past), and what mystical or intellectual truth does it hold for me?

The old man sits in sad and silent contemplation, head bowed in disappointment, perhaps shame, perhaps having to do with the three overturned cauldrons falling into his lap. He is depressed and discouraged, not understanding why he couldn't hold it together. And he is ignoring, or unaware of, the full cauldron sitting on the table, and especially of the brimming one held by the small child behind him--you can almost see him crying out, "Daddy, look, it's all full!" This card says, very directly, "Don't be overwhelmed with the negative emotional reactions to what you can't do...look instead at what you succeeded in doing, and even at what you assisted others to do."

Card 2: To what may I look forward in the week to come, and what insight will it bring me?

Walking the path with insouciant confidence, the Fool is unaware of the perils of walking too close to the edge. Behind him, the horrified mother races to pull her innocent child from the burning fire, and right next to him is the partridge, looking to deceive him into running after her should he seem too interested in her hidden nest. Overhead the sun shines down on a person who is stepping forward without a care in the world, but who perhaps is not taking notice of what surrounds him. And this is our message for the upcoming week--do carry the bundle of already acquired experiences and awareness forward into the upcoming journey, but don't become so self-confident that we fail to notice what is going on around us. The journey IS the destination...Pay Attention!

Have a wonderful week,

Aisling the Bard.