Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daily Draw, May 27: Life By The Numbers

Today, the date, May 27th, 2015, may be rendered 5/27/2015. This adds up to 22, which in numerology is considered a "Master Number". The Master Number 22 represents the "Master Builder", and denotes the ability to create reality from intuition or dreams, to manifest the arcane, to envision the future based on the wisdom of one's own ancient past, and to teach the wisdom of life to others. So, today, we will do a physical draw, after shuffling our cards, and see what card 22 has to say to us about these ideas.

And today, from the Tarot Of The Old Path, our card 22 is the Nine of Rods. The woman in the red and gold gown, the colors of supernal fire, is bearing a flaming rod of birch and standing within a birch thicket which is beginning to leaf forth. Birch, in the Celtic Tree Calendar, is the tree of new beginnings and rebirth, and the woman's rod represents the inception of an entirely new path, as she looks around herself guardedly, reminding herself that she must proceed with caution whilst simultaneously being aware of, and prepared for, any obstacles in her path. For you, today, this card represents your own Inner Vision of ways in which you might be able to dramatically rethink your path, to create a new birth in accord with your True Will and based upon the intuitive goals you have set for yourself. Go to it, beloved--you can't do it wrong. Walk in Beauty!