Sunday, October 30, 2016

Draw of the Day--Dark Moon Dreaming...

Today is the Dark Moon of Reed, the Celtic Tree representing Hearth and what do the Oracles have to tell us about beginning our journey into the Time of the Dark?
Please, do NOT freak out here. It is time to realize what the "Devil" truly means to one who reads the Omens and walks the Path. At the top are the Hebrew letter Ayin, which is the "Eye" we call the "Third Eye", the one that gazes deep within the Self, and the Rune Eolh, which is the Elk, representing the Horned God and the Wild Hunt which is the seasonal representation of the Dead, the Eternal Path, and the Journey of Souls, and whose sacred nature as the Horned Lord was actually corrupted by the patriarchal church in the Middle Ages into the idea of Satan, lord of evil. The Devil represents the hidden desires, sensuality, psychic awareness, and all the many "private thoughts" we hold sacred, silent, and secret. And this is the definitive meaning of drawing this single card as a daily focus...looking into the Shadow Self, exploring the Dark Within, and remembering that there is nothing innately evil about who we are, but we are only cursed if we do so to our Selves, refusing to explore, examine, and accept or reject, in accordance with our Ethics, what we find on the Shadow Path within the Self. So--today, in the Dark of the Moon, take a good look. What will you keep in the Shadow, because it is silent, sacred, secret and personal? What do you feel it is time to draw into the Light? And what power within the Self will illuminate the Darkness as you travel the Inner Realms. And remember, even in Shadow, Walk in Beauty!