Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yes, But....

A two-card spread today, one which asks "What do I need to know?" and the second of which says, "And what about the other side?"

Card #1: What Do I Need To Know? Alchemy, Haindl Tarot

This card is Haindl's interpretation of the "Temperance" card in the traditional Tarot, and he does give it a new spin. Most of us think of the idea of "temperance" as "everything in moderation", but the alchemical idea of to "temper" something, or the "temper" of something, is more where Haindl is going with this card. Look at the card; it is a confluence of opposites. The medieval Alchemist combined things with opposing elements to "temper" them, to moderate, and modulate, them into their own true nature. So too this card, for us, tells us that today what we are going to experience is many things that seem to be directly contradictory to one another--it is for us to moderate them, combine them, perform our own personal Alchemy on them and in so doing temper these elements of our day to produce synthesis, making something we can use....

Card #2: "Yes, but...": Daughter of Wands. Haindl Tarot

Simply put, Radha, the Daughter of Wands, is the avatar of joy. She's about delight in the sensual, the natural, the simple joy of living. Combined with the above card, our "yes, but" is answered with--"but me no buts. GO out and have a wonderful day amidst all the contradictions. It will all work out, and you can't do it wrong!" So--go ahead into your complicated, union-of-opposites day, and know it is all going to be a great ride. In the words of my wonderful friend Arwen, "seek joy, y'all!"