Saturday, July 9, 2016

Daily Draw: What Is My Best Choice?

Today's draw is from the Fairy-Fire Oracle, and it is the Avatar of Ancient Wisdom...telling us that today, at least one situation will come up that we have had to deal with over and over again in many lifetimes. We look back and realize that even though this is a repeated situation, each time it occurs we have to choose slightly differently, depending on the circumstance. So we ask ourselves: Who am I really, and how do I want this to turn out? And then the kicker....what is the lesson here for me? Why do I have to deal with this so repeatedly, and what might I need to do to make this situation stop recurring in my life? Don't worry, friend, the Dragons and the Sidhe are watching out for you, and you KNOW how to do this--after all, you've done it before, yes? So--go for it, and figure out what the Universe is trying to teach you about your Self. If you go with your inner intuition, you can't do it wrong.