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MASTER LIST: Brighid's Blue Moon, Tarot Blog Hop, Imbolc 2018


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Brighid's Blue Moon: Tarot Blog Hop, Imbolc 2018

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Here is the set of cards for the Foundation:

Brahma, the dynamic King, holds his wand and looks in all directions to determine where he will begin his journey. The King of Wands in this position reminds us that our lives are designed to bring us eventually to a place of self-ownership. An opportunity for self-empowerment is presenting itself to you now. Recognize that through your attitude and the way you express yourself to others, you hold the power over your own experiences in life.

Odin, the origin of the Hanged Man, voluntarily relinquished his godly powers so his brethren, the Midir, who were afraid of his power, would cease to fear him and speak with him. Support others with your strength and wisdom. The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The King of Cups in this position advises that you closely examine your conscience and bring your personal mission into alignment with what is best for everyone. You can then step into your community or situation with integrity and an ability to communicate the highest wisdom.

Above us, the Sky represents the future which we will achieve if we are able to walk out path through the obstacles and focus on our True Will and our Wisdom. Doing both these things will increase our ability to maintain our lifestyle, and bring us many different kinds of "material gain"--everything from money to job, home, success in endeavors, and all the kinds of things we want to make our lives beautiful and bountiful. And even though that kind of thing might happen rarely--well, this is a Blue Moon, isn't it?
Here's the Triad of cards for the Construction:

What is the energy of the new path that presents itself?

On the card in this deck we see a rainbow – often symbolic of the end of the frustrating and difficult story times and the beginning of the new light and clarity in the world – so things you have been frustrated with over the last couple of month clear up and you now can start the ball rolling again with your plans. There is a sense of spiritual overseeing in the eagle of the card – you can see the bigger picture of things this month and start to aim for what is really needed, small details, small adjustments can make huge changes possible when you are precise about your actions and see them in the context of the overall picture.

Setting the ball rolling on projects you have gained a lot of wisdom and information about is also depicted here. It is time to act on your vision of a better future! Do it now!

From what will I need protection on this journey? 

There are others in the mix who simply believe that you should not be able to do it YOUR way, but need to "follow the rules." Be willing to make the rigorous effort that is being called for now. Perform wholeheartedly, with good faith and hopefulness. As such, you'll forestall bickering and criticism, prevail against negative forces and overcome the demons of doubt and resistance.

What energies of my own or of spirit will guide and protect me? 

No matter what your past patterns have been, it is fully possible to place yourself solidly on the road toward the future. Not only can you get a clear sense of the proper path, but you will also have enough instructions to be self-directing. Necessary skills and resources are available to you, and the time is right for you to act. Once you get started, you may be surprised how easy it can feel, but don't be seduced by that feeling. There will be comfortable stretches of the road and there will be distinctly uncomfortable ones. Know that any form of motion is better than no motion.


And here we have "The Surprise" in, "Once In A Blue Moon"....


Stay focused and resolute, for you are about to reach your objective. The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.
The Ace of Swords in this position advises you to be steady--you are about to reach your objective. There may be no need to hesitate. Just concentrate on making your impact. This could be your moment. The arrow is pointed straight at the target. Your eye is keen, your grip is firm. Let that arrow fly! If you set aside distractions and hit your mark, you will be rewarded with insight and clarity.


 Aeon  emphasizes the theme of renewal for the whole planet. When we think of the card in readings we see that this can apply to an individual as well. The card of Aeon is a powerful one. It tells you that this is a time of change. The person who receives Aeon becomes "reborn" into a new situation. This may involve a real change in circumstances--a new job, a move to a new home, a new relationship. Sometimes, the new situation is psychological, a new way of looking at life in which everything becomes fresh.


Identify and acquire the ingredients that will most help you complete your mission and leave the rest behind. The card suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The Alchemy (Temperance) card advises you to identify and seek the missing ingredients in your life. Marshal your known skills and abilities and do what needs to be done to complete your mission. Prepare to use spiritual practices, studies, or lifestyle changes that can  assist you in your quest. A tremendous amount of benefit is available if you can organize yourself and be disciplined at this time.

And there we have it---guidance from the Blue Moon of Rowan on the Festival of Imbolc under the guidance of Brighid of the Three Fires. Who could possibly go wrong if we only listen?

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