Sunday, November 6, 2016

Old Samhain Speaks--Three Times

Here we are on the day when time changes, and we have experienced the astronomical shift from light to darkness, as well as the journey into the shadow realm of the dead. So it seems fitting that we look to the three legs of the cauldron, and see what transformations await us:

Friday, the journey:
We've seen this guidepost before, a directional focus on our inner map of our lives. It is telling us to look to the realm within, and permit ourselves to decide for ourselves what is to be the focus of our inner exploration of our own needs, desires, directional motivation, and inner destination. Don't let yourself be drawn off your own path. Decide where you're going, and simply move forward.

Saturday, the Veil:
We walk between the realms at this season, and on Old Samhain we are met and accompanied by the Mighty Dead, the Ancestors, those whose Being sources our own and in whose lives we have sought direction and focus. And it is not an easy interaction, since many of those beyond the Veil wish not to be there, and some whom we meet are lost and seeking. So courage is our guiding light, knowing we are intended to assist their journey to learn more about our own. The Wild Hunt is moving, and we are able to interact with those who journey and those who hunt, assisting our own inner walk and lifting us into the Inworlds where we will find our direction.

Sunday: Fall Back:
We use "time" to source the goals of our day, week, month, year, and life. And yet today we have cause to remember that "time" is a human invention, and we are free to, and we do, manipulate it and make it be where and how we want it to be. The truth is, "time" may be a helpful guidepost on our journey, but this card tells us to remember that tomorrow will never come, because it is always NOW. White Buffalo Woman is She who gave to the Native People the meaning of the buffalo as more than food, and showed them not only the many uses that could be made of this sacred gift of food, clothing, and shelter, but also how to mark the changing of the seasons and the move of Time by following the seasonal journey of the buffalo. What she tells to us is that each moment is what we make of it, and that although the journey of our lives is deeply personal, there is that without ourselves to which we must pay attention as we walk our path, since nothing that exists lives alone. We are in this journey with the others of our tribe, and it is our responsibility to live fully in the present and assist where we may, so that each and all of us may use our Time to our own best interest and assist others to do the same--so that we ALL may Walk in Beauty!