Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily Draw, January 8: Your Number's Up....

Today, I am sharing a technique I have been using for over 40 years to find my alignment with the given day I am about to experience; this does mean that the card I show below will not necessarily apply to you. But if you follow the technique I am sharing, you can find what card will do so. You will need a Tarot deck or other oracle deck--shuffle it and place it in front of you. Then, "do the numbers". First, today's number...January 8, 2015, which equates to: 1+8+2+0+1+5=17=8. OK, then. You'll add that to YOUR number (and this is going to be something you only have to do once), which you discover by adding up the numerological value of your name plus that of your birthday. Here's a tool to help with that:

All you have to do is take the numeric value of each letter of your whole name, and add it up as we did with the date, and do the same with your birthday. Here's mine, just to show you how:

A=1 + I=9 + S=1 + L=3 + I=9 + N=5 + G=7 + T=2 + H=8 + E=5 + B=2 + A=1 + R=9 + D=4

added to my birthday:  9+7+1+9+4+7   

Add all that up, and my number is 103, add that to the number of the day, and I get 111, which reduces to a 3. Soooooo....

I pull the third card in my deck, and I get my card-of-the-day:

Osiris, the Son of Swords, the avatar of compassion, fairness, and even-handedness. This card tells me that I may be faced with situations today where I will need to exercise all these faculties in my interactions with other people. As you draw your card-of-the-day in this process, you will also be given some Keys to guide you in your daily walk.

And if you wish, I can also do a draw for each of you, by simply taking the cards as they fall, and using the number of the day to give you guidance as to what this day is about. Today's number is 8, so I will simply choose the eighth card in the deck, which will be the eighth card of the Major Arcana, in the Haindl Deck we are using here, That card is:

Number: 8 (VIII)
Element: Fire
Hebrew Letter: Teth (“snake”)
Rune: Sigil (the “Sun”)
Astrology: Leo
Title: Strength

The Universe is telling you that this is a day to exercise your Inner Strength. The figure on the card, who may be interpreted as Eve in the Garden of Eden, is wrestling with the snake, who is the "devil within" in the context of learning self-control. The person of Strength is open, without shame. Her strength comes from her unity with Earth and her own divine energy. She is a shaman performing a ritual under the moon, in the woods by a pool of water. By holding up the snake, the shaman connects the above and the below, the sky and the Earth. The snake is green, the color of new life, and its underside id red, the color of energy. And this day is a day for you to connect with your own Shaman Within, and learn the Strength of your own divine energy. Walk In Beauty!

Aisling the Bard