Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Messages....

I spent the last two days either afk or ill, so your TarotWitch let the Realms lie silent. So, of course, stepping back into the aether, the question for today is, "What would you like me to know, now that I've been away?" Three days, counting today, three cards, one each from three Avatars. Here we go:

Friday, February 24: Avatar of this day, Spider Woman. Card, Mother of Stones, Haindl Tarot

She stands, gazing deep from within the labyrinth, into your eyes, into your soul. She is silent, as the turning angles of the labyrinth bring you face to face with your Self, again and again. She has drawn the threads together, and has created a shape of complexity, one which rivals the interconnected and divergent threads of your life. She is at Center, remembering that from this position she is aware of, and has control of, each and every breath, thought, being, idea that touches the strand of her web of Self, anywhere. At the Center, there is power. Where do you stand?

Spider Woman is the Life-Weaver, and at the end of the week, she draws the threads to center. She's a reminder that power always is found most plangently in the Spaces Between, and that nothing can reach you at Center that you do not control. Not a bad message for a Friday evening!

Saturday, February 25: Avatar of this day, Saturn. Card, Seven of Cups, Haindl Tarot

It's a party, and of course, you're the guest of honor. The drink flows freely, and the tone is convivial...or is it? Who's that, standing over there in the corner, talking to no one, an empty cup in hand? Could it be you've forgotten something in this mad flurry of alcoholic abandon? Where's that rent check again? What, you spent it on all this wine? Aaargggh!

This card shows up when you have been hurrying headlong through the moments of your day without actually noticing what they contain, because your main focus is to get through it all, getting'er DONE. When you arrive at your well-earned after-party, you simply leave it all behind, forgetting that there might have been MESSAGES in the mad scramble. So--here and now, think. Sit back, breathe, consider. Take a retrospective look at each and every accomplishment of the week, with that Saturnian focus of order and guardianship, that set of lenses that gives you the acute focus on the minutiae of the moment. What might you have missed, have failed to notice? What could you, perhaps, rethink? Go over to the Being in the corner, right that cup and fill it, put a loving arm around the part of your Self that has missed your attention in the headlong scramble. Success is an illusion when the precious bits of humanity and self-care fall by the wayside. Let's think the moments through, this time, and make sure we pick up all the pieces.

Sunday, February 26: Avatar for this day, the Sun. Card, The Moon, Utah Maninni One Tarot

Maybe it seems odd that on Sun Day, the card the Realms send us is the Moon. It shouldn't, though, if we think scientifically. The Moon is, after all, a rock, a cold body hurtling through space. It's luminous, plangent and illusory--its mysterious light is, when all is said and done, a reflection. And it is the Sun which makes the Moon shine, and changes its shape--the Sun, and the Earth.

So--put yourself there, into the heavens, for your message for this day. You are the Sun, today--you're the flaming source of heat, light, and energy in your own personal Universe. But--you are also the Moon. You reflect that which surrounds you, in the form and shape which is permitted to you by your own personal Earth, your body, your spirit, your responsibilities. You are the source of your own Being, you are the shaper thereof, and you are that shining reflection of Life that illuminates your own darkness.

So, today, make up your mind that you, as the Sun, will shine your brightest, reflecting light on your own Earth, and that your Moon will gleam serene and calm into your own darkness. I am being deliberately obfuscatory here--you know exactly what I am talking about, though, as it applies to you. So--focus, shine, shape, reflect. And go and do. It's Sun Day.