Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drawing The Threads Together...

January 24, 2012: Eight of the Green Goddess, Utah Maninni Three Tarot

Well, your TarotWitch is intrigued. Random draws from five different decks produce my daily card for you, and twice in a row we have art and ideas from Taliesin. Maybe I better see how the laddie is doing...For now, though...

In this deck, which was themed, "The Goddess Utah", the suit of Earth was represented by "The Green Goddess". Tal chose one of our native Wolf Spiders to be his eight, and I like the right-angled Antelope Island view he placed it on (they're all over the place out there). Let's see what he tells us about it: 

Media: This card is created from photos I took from various educational web sites about the state of Utah. None of them is copyrighted. The background is Antelope Island at sunset, (I turned it 90 degrees) and the foreground is a native arachnid, the Antelope Island Wolf Spider.

Meaning: I love spiders, and their eight-leggedness, and the fact that wolf spiders live underground, seem to make them almost automatically represent the eight of earth. As far as the Goddess Utah goes, this is one of the most important ways She manifests, in native flora and fauna, especially spiders, which have their own "crafty" vibe. This card is about keeping the threads together, weaving for the future, and remembering the past.

I'm a spider-person myself, and I love these guys, when I am not surprised by them. I think this card has a message of remembrance (and I don't think it's an accident that it made me think of Taliesin today.) Whom/what have you forgotten? What do you need to recall, whom do you need to call, how are you keeping the web together today?