Saturday, January 10, 2015

Daily Draw Jan. 10: What Falls On The Floor Comes In At The Door

The title of this post is a saying given to me many many years ago by the wonderful woman who taught me the Tarot. It's simply that the cards will speak to you as you need to be spoken to, and there are no accidents. While shuffling and focusing energy, if a card leaps out onto the table, or slips out onto the floor--well, that's your card. So--what is our message from the Universe today? Let's find out.

 I am going to shuffle and focus until someone presents hirself to we go...

OK, our first card to leap out is the King of Pentacles, and the next one is the Devil. Pretty simple interpretation for the pair...looks as if today is going to be a day to be very careful with money. Temptation will be seeking you out, and there will be possibilities of wasting, losing, or spending unwisely. Don't do it--guard your Coin, and let yourself make your own decisions about your substance, not falling to temptation. And have an awesome day!