Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb. 18, Three-Card Draw: Past, Present, Future

I am not necessarily doing a "daily draw" at the moment because Blogger has been having issues and some of my posts don't come through when I go to publish them. But we will try as frequently as possible. And I notice it has been three days since I was last able to publish, so we're doing a three card draw, concentrating on the energies surrounding us as we walk through the day. What's been on our minds that might need to be left in the past, what is the major focus of the day, and what should we be looking toward in the days to come?

Card 1: What might I do better to leave in the past?

The Page of Pentacles looks fearfully over his shoulder, holding his pentacle close to his chest and nurturing his purple fuchsia...He is a representation of spending a great deal of time worrying about money, and, from the fuchsia, worrying about how we present ourselves. This mindset, our cards say, is not doing us much good and should be left behind, in the past where the Page is looking. Step forward with confidence and courage--you have nothing to fear.

Card 2: What is the focus of the present?

The starry sky calls us to gaze on the body of Nuit, the primal Moon Goddess...but we do not do so in despair. The man is weeping, the woman pleading, but the moonlight around them is fooling them into believing that the darkness will not pass, and they fear what may be found in the dark. But this card in this position is telling us to actually look deeply into our own subconscious, strip away the shadows of fear and doubt which are the "illusions" that tell us that "shadow, dark, bad" and realize the immense power and beauty of our own subconscious, "shadow self" from which shine forth the stars.

Card 3: What is the promise of the future?

The weaver is creating pentacles of straw, a pile of which is behind him, waiting to be sold. He is obviously an excellent  craftsman whose uses the best straw, maybe from wheat, to build his craft. He is bearded, suggesting many years of patient, diligent hard work at his skill. The primary meaning of this card seems to be dedication, craftsmanship, skill and the financial rewards of personal effort. Not a bad focus for our future, eh?

Blessings on your day,

Aisling the Bard