Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March 12 & 13: We missed a day yesterday because Blogger was acting up---no image uploads. So in your TarotWitch's typical fashion, when we have to make up for a missed day, we do a "spread" rather than a "draw". This is a layout I use often to discuss certain things with myself--it is the "If-Then" spread. If ____, then ____. Sometimes it is a question, and sometimes it is a statement of "the way it's going to be." For today, I want you to take the first card, and apply it to that situation that is niggling at your brain--yes, THAT one. That thing you have had on your mind for a while now. Here's an insight as to what might happen, and what else might come to pass when the first thing occurs. So--here we go:

If...Justice, Haindl Tarot

Your situation appears to be one where there is a conflict, or a situation of "it's not FAIR..."... Somewhere someone has been wronged, and it affects you. Your first card here tells us that IF Justice is done.... Notice, it does not say "WHEN Justice is done..."
The way this spread works, the first card always deals with something YOU can do in the situation. So--if "Justice" is something you can/need to do, how should that happen? IF Justice is done....and you have it in your power to make that a "when" instead of an "if"....SOOO... Listen to the "other side" that you haven't wanted to hear. Pay back the money. Make the apology, or accept the apology you have heretofore ignored. Or--do it. You know what it means. So--whatever it is that, in this situation, equates to "Doing Justice", it is yours to do. You know what it is...you know the situation, and you know what "Justice" means in that situation, and you know how to make it come to pass.... And--"If" Justice DOES come to pass...

Then: The World, Utah Maninni One Tarot

...then the World is at your fingertips. All you desire in the situation is going to come about for you, because you have had the courage to do the Just, the Right, thing...even if it was hard, or painful, or somehow inconvenienced you. You are being told here that if you do the right thing, if you make Justice come to pass for the persons impacted by the situation, then the World will come to you, in ways of which you know not. The WORLD, however you define that. Better than you expected, eh?

So--it's all up to you, today. Justice to be done, and the World to follow. Go on, do it. I am reading this for myself too, and now I know will. I will do Justice in this situation. You can too.