Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013: Daily Draw

Monday, December 16: Card of the Day...The Eight of Wands from the Haindl Tarot

The word "Swiftness" on the card, combined with the I Ching hexagram 35, "Progress", denotes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical development and progress. The fiery spears, rising irresistibly from the red flowing blood of Mother Earth, tipped with the fiery magma of Her Heart, are soaring into a sky of blue indicating limitless possibility. And numerologically, this day is a 3, indicating the balance of the three legs of the cauldron of becoming...the firm base of focus, intention, and effort which is at the heart and root of all personal progress. Have a lovely, swift day, soaring strong and swift into your own personal sky, never forgetting the foundation which supports your flight! Bíodh sé!