Saturday, March 31, 2012

Teacher, Teacher....

March 31, 2012: The Hierophant, Haindl Tarot

The "hierophant", literally, means "the one who shows the sacred objects." Religious tradition, one of the major themes of the card, involves wisdom, but even more so, the sharing of veneration. And veneration is the recognition of the sacred. So today's card message is about teaching and learning sacred things, in a sacred manner, from a sacred person...

I also notice the card is made up of exclusively male figures, an old man, a man, and a youth. So it is in many religious organizations, where "clergy" are primarily, or exclusively, male. But this card has a deeper resonance than that...the Hierophant is the "father-as-teacher" and each and every one of us has one of those, whether we have a relationship with our earthly father or not. We all have male characteristics, whether we are men or women. And we all have a need for "fathering", whether we know it or not.

This card is about the "father-as-teacher", and you may be the recipient, or the giver, of such teaching today. Think, whether or not you actually have a father, of the things that to you make up a "good daddy". Think of the characteristics, whatever they are to you, that in a positive way make you think of someone as "manly". Think of what a good man might be, and think of what power there may be in the Male Mysteries, no matter how these intersect with you personally. And now--think what the "father of mystery" is trying to teach you today, or trying to help you teach someone else today. And go forth and do/be/become that thing.

Friday, March 30, 2012

What In The World....

March 30, 2012: The World, Utah Maninni Three Tarot

When all is said and done, the Great Salt Lake IS the Goddess Utah, for the entire state, not just the Valley. She is an amazing paradox, a lake more saturated with life-killing salt than the Dead Sea, which is non-supportive of life, so it should be a wasteland, right? WRONG!!. The brine shrimp which teem in its waters are a commercial harvest of over 2 million dollars a year in fish food, and the associated brine flies feed birds which have a centuries-old flypath over the GSL and through the extensive wetlands which surround it. The lake is a natural wonder of the world, and it is the reason why Salt Lake City has become a commercial and recreational center for not just the USA but the entire world. Yes, the World. Hail the Goddess Utah!!

Card meaning: You can't reverse a sphere, so if you draw this card, just take the basic meaning: The World is influenced by, and influences, everything you are doing here. Pay attention.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look At That Girl Van Gogh!

March 29, 2012: Queen Of Cups, Daniel's Bootstrap Tarot

Exuberantly dancing on the edge of mystery, holding the "stars" in her hands, the Queen of Cups as envisioned by my friend Daniel Webster Christiansen cavorts gaily in front of Van Gogh's brilliant "Starry Night", fusing in her exuberance the ideas of water and fire.

Briefly put, the Queen of Cups is the avatar who represents the pure force of Water, intuitive, reflective, and emotionally secure in her Self--but here she also reminds us that Water dances and plays, sparkles and shines, flows and splashes, and gives us back the full range of emotions including the passion for life.

Fire of Water seems almost a contradiction to us when we think about the two elements--they do seem incongruous. But fire is to water as Will is to Want...and the Queen of Cups is cavorting through our cards today to remind us that fire and water do, indeed, have a symbiotic relationship. One "puts out" a fire with water, yes. But one may also heat water with fire. And one takes what one "wants", ideally (the manifestation of fire as desire or passion) and one subjects it to the concept of the True Will, the deep Self as manifested by intuition and insight, the underlying elemental correspondences of water. So the Queen of Cups dances in the starlight, joyous exuberance fully manifesting--but she's not really "holding" those stars, and she's in no danger whatsoever of stumbling into a face-plant no matter how intricate the steps of the dance.

So, for today, here's a novel thought. How about trying, in our own small ways, to manifest the exuberant equilibrium of the Queen of Cups? How about--thinking about how we feel, and feeling our deepest thoughts? How might that change your dance, today? Let's find out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bee Well....

March 28, 2012: Bee, Druid Animal Oracle

Our daily draw today disdained the Tarot, and gives us instead the Druid Animal Oracle, selecting the BEE--which means Community, Celebration, Organization. Bees invite us to celebrate. You may have a special reason for celebration, or you may simply need to celebrate the wonder and mystery of being alive.

In the Druid tradition, there are occasions to celebrate every six weeks or so. As human beings we need to have times when we can come together to enjoy each other's company. The bee tells us that we can live together in harmony, however impossible this may sometimes seem. By being at one with the natural world, by paying homage to the sun, by centering our lives around Spirit or the Goddess, we can work together in community.

A beehive functions harmoniously because each bee knows its role and the work it must do - consequently it is highly productive and plays an important role in the local ecology. The bee knows the value of organization, of paying homage to the Goddess and the sun, and of working hard. She calls us to an inner recognition of our membership of the community of all Nature.

In the Druid tradition, bees come from the paradisaical world of the Sun and of the Spirit. Finely attuned to the position of the sun in the sky, it is the bee who brings the sacred solar drink of mead as a gift to humanity. The bee, with its highly defined social structure and extraordinarily productive and efficient community, all centered around the Queen Bee, was seen as symbolic of the ideal society - centered on the Goddess, paying homage in sacred dance to the sun, and producing an amber substance from the flowers of the fields and woods that could both feed and divinely intoxicate.

So, today, think of your "hive", think of your "honey", think of the ways bee-dom might inform your life-walk today--and buzz along, now, and get "bizzy", eh?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March 27, 2012: The Chariot, Haindl Tarot

Well, you are doing things, aren't you? And that means you're moving forward? And you're overcoming obstacles? And you're going to WIN, right? Well....yes.....but-- The Chariot does say all those things, but it has some other resonances, too, some that most people either don't know about or tend to ignore--let's look a little more carefully here...

The traditional Chariot usually symbolizes the fence of civilization or "controlling intelligence" as some commentaries call it. As the number 7, the card represents a victory of human will over the ordinary problems of life.

The Haindl Tarot retains the idea of will, but carries it further, showing the confrontation of willpower with fear. The self—the figure in the boat—rides on the surging sea of life, driven by the primal beast, experienced just over the shoulder, just out of sight. And yet the figure remains calm, unshaken. In other Tarot decks, many of the themes being developed in the artwork on this trump usually do not emerge until the Moon. Looking at the art here, we see the "mythic journey", not the "riding roughshod over life" idea of the chariot-racer on the traditional Tarot trump, but the watery and incomprehensible journey into the Self.

We see a boat with wheels, rushing through a rough sea. The boat is red, the color of energy. A red glow surrounds the figure standing in the boat. The boat carries huge blocks of stone, pitted with holes to indicate great age. They help give the picture an archaic quality, a sense of experience older than civilization. The stone appears in blocks, like the blocks used in creating the pyramids. Like the symbol of the fence, and like the pyramids themselves, the carved stones represent human mastery over nature. And yet, we get no sense here that the person has conquered nature. The courageous mind—the card is an emblem of courage—faces the world in all its power, seeking mastery over the self rather than the environment.

Of all the trumps in the Haindl Tarot, the Chariot stands out as the card that most evokes myth, giving us a sense of traveling to the place where myths and images emerge into consciousness. It exists in a visionary world of its own imagination, reaching deeply into mystery.

And so--how does that speak to us, to you, here and now, today? Take a look at today's "journey" as being more than it is. We always have the rocks, the boat, the path. We always have mundania. We always have "stuff". But--we need to connect it, today, to Self. To the Inner Journey. To "who am I and what am I doing here and why am I doing this and what does it mean?" Asking those questions about whatever you are doing today is probably the most important thing you will do all day long.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Two-Fer, On A Monday...

March 26, 2012

As always, when mundania causes your TarotWitch to miss a daily draw, we compensate the following day with an actual spread. Had some scattered thoughts going through the head this morning, and don't quite know what to make of them. So I did a two-fer spread, for me and for you, too, with one of those questions a reader uses when s/he knows there's something going on but doesn't quite know how to address it. So the question(s) for the spread are, addressed to the Universe: "what do You want me to know, and why?" Let's see what we've been told.

1) What do you want me to know?
Seven of Wands, Utah Maninni One Tarot

I found it immediately brain-catching that the random draw came up with a card I myself created for our first community Maninni Tarot deck. Without any pushing on my part, the concept leapt into my head, "You already know what I want you to know--you're just ignoring it." This card, of course, represents "wands-as-fire" although that is not my general attribution, and this card is about finding the unexpected idea or piece of information sparking into one's head when one already had things arranged in what looked like a correct and useful pattern. Roses are arranged in the Star of David pattern, which is representative of "As Above, So Below" and also indicates the balance of Fire and Earth, ideas and manifestations, and yet, and yet, there's that torch in the middle which really doesn't seem to fit--and yet it's burning brightly, and unlike the roses, is moving, active fire, which might just consume everything we've so carefully arranged. So...the Universe is telling us...What I want you to know is that the unexpected is coming, to disarrange your carefully-laid ideas and plans. Wait for it, and be prepared, so you'll know what to do when it gets here.

2) Why? Four of Swords, Utah Maninni One Tarot

He lies quietly, hands folded, looking almost like a corpse on a bier...the crossed swords over his head and the one in his hands clearly indicate that for now, at least, the time of action is over. He's at rest, he's contemplating, he isn't in a hurry to get back to the fight. He's just "being", not "doing". And that's the best possible "why" when one receives a card such as the one above, where we are told that something unexpected is going to disrupt our plans. If I could hear the conversation the Universe is having with us in these two cards, it would sound something like this:

"You have things all balanced and nicely arranged, all your ideas fit together in symmetry...but wait! You're not aware of this piece of the puzzle, and it doesn't exactly fit your pattern. And the reason this is happening, and the reason I want you to slow down, stop, think about it, is because you're ignoring something--some vital piece of the puzzle that burns brightly right in the middle of everything you're doing, while you are acting as if it isn't even there. Pay attention here. Take a step back, put up your swords, rest and contemplate, and figure out how to make the whole picture fit. Pay Attention, here!"

Ahhh...ok. We moved too fast--we missed a piece. It's all about Paying Attention?

else is new?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is It Really THAT Bad....???

March 24, 2012: Eight of Swords, Utah Maninni One Tarot

Well, she's finally done it. All this time, she's been wielding that sword, not listening to anyone else's take on things, simply slashing and chopping her way to her own power in the situation...and now, look at her. All her own owls lie dead like a fence around her--wisdom has been slain with arrogance, and no new ideas can emerge here. She's immobilized by the impregnable force of her own previously-declaimed opinions, ultimata, and angry jabs, all of which have hurt, in the last analysis, no one but herself. And now she stands, her back to the situation, finally looking within, realizing that her only recourse is to look to the cup of sacrifice, to contain her emotions and thus her actions, and to withdraw into herself, awaiting the impact of others to clear the carnage she has strewn behind her...yes, I guess it really IS that bad---or is it? Take another look....

Yes, she's been wild and crazy with those swords. But the lightning striking is hitting the ground around her, not hitting her. The dead owl, really, is just one owl, one way of thinking, one single manifestation of ideas that have fallen dead by the wayside due to anger and impatience. One owl, multiplied again and again by her own fear, until it seems she's put herself in an inescapable prison of her own making. But--she is not bound. She is able to move, as is evidenced by her turning inward to the cup of peace and harmony. It is only her own fear that holds her immobile. Any time she wished, she could turn back to face the situation, and she could leave the swords behind and use the power of the sacred cup, of contained and focused emotion rather than wild aggression, to deal with it.

I won't interpret this further today. You know what it means to you, what it's about. Look at the card. Think. Act in accord. The power here is all yours.

When the Eight of Swords appears, its purpose is not to taunt you or to tell you something you already know. The reason for its manifestation is to show you that you can escape your situation just as quickly as you put yourself into it.
You may not think your options are plausible, and you may not even know they exist, but they are there waiting for you to put them to use. The key is to stop using the Swords for negative purposes. Anger, aggression, haste and excessive force will only make your situation worse, so let them go and accept the mental clarity and peace that the Cup within idealizes. With that new and perfect vision you should be able to see the way out of every problem that you encounter.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Drink, Drank, Drunk....

March 23, 2012: Five of Cups, Daniel's Bootstrap Tarot

Oh, woe, what have I done...The five of cups is no damn fun! This card never has much to say that people want to hear, but there might be a rather unique way of looking at it, if we're willing to give it a try...

Here we see the bartender doing one of those amazing sleight-of-cup tricks that makes us fascinated enough to order another round simply to participate in the magic, even though we don't like martinis. And before him sits the customer who already appears to have either run out of hope, run out of patience for the headache to go away, run out of money, run out of friends, or is ready to run out of the bar, no matter how enticing is the visual magic taking place behind her. And so--how can anything good possibly come out of this incipient hangover?

Notice, here, one essential difference from the traditional five of cups--none of the cups in the card is spilled or broken. Au contraire, mon frere--they are not only upright but filled and inviting. But--and here's the significance...they are behind her. Either she hasn't been able to see them, or has turned in despair and disgust because she doesn't want to see them. And herein lies the quintessential meaning of this card, in any deck...It is about rejection of, or regret for, or a negative association with, whatever lies behind us. Of course, since we're using Cups, we're speaking of emotions regret for the past has to do somehow with feelings. Wrong relationship, wrong attitude, wrong response, maybe even wrong bar and too many drinks...but whatever is flowing behind us, we can't look at it any more.

And that's the crux, here. What is behind her is still happening, and doubtless others in the bar are enjoying the trick, and may even ante up for another round. But neither their attitude, or her attitude of turning her back on the situation, has anything whatsoever to do with what the bartender is actually doing. It is what it is. So it is with our "emotional past", the things in our lives that have already happened that evoke in us an emotional response. They are what they are. But we are fully in control, always, of how we choose to react to them.

What is behind you, with all its flow, perhaps its drama, perhaps its manipulation (as the cups and the cocktail are being manipulated) by others, is still behind you. It is over, it is done. And yours is the choice of whether or not to react to it in a way that will hurt you, in a way that will help you, or in a way that simply ignores it and chooses to let it go and move on.

So there it is, lady. I don't know if you just got left at the bar by your boyfriend, if you're drunk on your ass through your own choice, or if you simply aren't interested in what's going on around you. But in any case, you get to decide what happens next. Pick yourself up, grab your purse, and either turn around and order another drink, or go outside and get a taxi and go home. What the bartender is doing is behind you, and has nothing to do with you. And tomorrow is always another day, another place, another time. You have all the choices here. Make one.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What to Seek, What to Leave Behind....

March 21 and 22: We have a 2-card spread today, and the energy is focused on change. Deep down, we are all afraid of it, even when we have invoked it for ourselves. Walking that new path can be daunting. So here are 2 cards to give us some insight on where we might like to be going, and what we might not want to carry along in our "baggage".

What To Seek: Mother of Wands, Haindl Tarot

Wow, that could scare you shitless, couldn't it? Do I really want to "seek" Kali, the Mother of Destruction? Well--yes, in a way, I suppose I do....Let's think about this.

First, one of the biggest things that stands in the way of positive change for us is that we like our 'rut'. We're used to the way things are, and change takes effort, and it's scary. Whaddaya mean, quit my job? Whaddaya mean, break up with him/her? Are you KIDDING me...MOVE? I LOVE it here....and so on, and so on...What we know, the safe, the familiar, is what we cling to, whether or not it is deeply satisfying to us. We can tell ourselves, "I like this" forever, when what we're really saying is, "It's good enough. It'll do." And so, yes, Kali--we do need to seek her energy, and here's why.

Kali is the Destroyer, yes. But she is also the Creator and the Preserver. Without destruction of what is, nothing can emerge. You pull up "weeds" to plant your garden, don't you? Well, a "weed" is simply a "plant growing where I want to do something else". Remember how many "weeds" are natural herbs with beneficial properties? And when you want to remodel your house, you know you will be knocking down walls and disrupting the way things are right now, because what you envision is better. Kali's energy is that of stark change, but She also manifests new beginnings (hence her identification in this deck with Wands) as well as being the nurturer and creatrix of all life on an arcane level. You "seek" Kali because you do not know WHAT to change, you do not know HOW to change, but you do know that things MUST change. You're ensconced in your comfortable rut. Seeking Kali will help you know what to move, how, and where.

What to leave behind: Mother of Cups, Haindl Tarot

Here she is, the quintessential Mama, Venus of Willendorf, an avatar over many years of female fecundity, of comfort, warmth, and the peace of the safe and familiar. And you want me to leave this behind, Universe? Are you nucking futz?

Well, no. From the card above, we know the first message is that we must seek out change, that kind of change that disrupts the safe, familiar, and comfortable, and adds completely new elements to the mix of energies we know as "life." And from this card, we are being further instructed not to carry our old, safe, familiar "baggage" into our new reality. I don't know if this is showing up today because it's 2012 and for years we have been told that this year it will be "the end of the world as we know it", or simply because it is a crux time--Dark Moon of Alder in the Celtic Tree Year, two days past the Spring Equinox, and a year of upheaval and energy with elections, riots, Occupy protests and all kinds of chaotic energy going about--and Mars and Mercury retrograde, to boot. Whatever the reason, the Universe is telling us today, "If you do whatever you've always done, you'll only get what you've always had." So--make it real, today. Leave the old behind. Move out of your "comfort zone" whatever you think that is, and really do something brand-new and totally unfamiliar. Because the Universe is calling you, and you can't imagine the wonders that lie in wait, until you answer the call. S0--put down the "old life" and seek your rebirth. GO!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eye Of The Sun

March 20, 2012: Eagle, Druid Animal Oracle

Today the world is celebrating either the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox, that day of "equal night" when the balance tips to change the seasons. And today, our random draw did not produce a tarot card, but a Druid Animal Oracle card, giving us the daily totem beast of the Eagle. So, what's that about?

There are relatively few surviving Celtic myths concerning Eagles, but its Gaelic names - Iolair (Guide to the Air) and Righ na h-Ealtain (King of the Bird World) - suggests the high regard in which it was held. It was aslo called Suil-na Graine (Eye of the Sun), since it was a commonly held belief that Eagles could look at the sun without blinking. Parent birds were said to initiate their fledglings by taking them close to the sun to stare at it, and those who blinked were judged unworthy and fell to their deaths.

In many tales the Eagle is in conflict with the serpent of the underworld, a symbolic struggle that represents the dynamic equilibrium between light and darkness, summer and winter, life and death. So, of course, the Guides send us this card on the "day of balance" to remind us that we reflect in ourselves, and are affected by, the cosmic balance. Or lack thereof.

If Eagle speaks to you, he is perhaps telling you that you are too close to a situation to be able to see what is really going on. He also heralds a period of expansion, growth and success. This may include recovery from illness and the regaining of strength after weakness. Eagle brings a message from the highest powers, advising you to attend to your spiritual side; again, it's about balance. Eagle is an avatar of courage and exploration; he teaches you to soar, feel the wind beneath your wings, know their strength, and allow faith and courage to carry you to new heights.

It is the Spring Equinox where I live; the sun is bright, and we can feel the wind beneath our wings. Fly on!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Painting a New Life Journey...

Welcome to the Tarot Witch's contribution to the Tarot Blog Hop. You probably hopped over here from Donna's Blog. Hope you are enjoying your journey this far, and we'll direct you on your next bunny-hop when you're through here. For now, here's my take on your New Life Journey. I am using a different Oracle here than the Tarot, Caitlin and John Matthew's Celtic Tree Oracle. I have created a layout using the Compass of Traditional Witchcraft as a pattern, likening each point of the compass to one of the facets of the New Life Journey. And I have drawn one random card for each point of the Compass, to assist you in understanding this Journey with which the Oracles have presented you. So let's walk the Compass together--let's Paint a Journey With New Life!

Oestare: Painting A Journey With New Life

One of the first signs of "new life" in my area is buds on many many trees, even in late winter. So I was inspired to create a "new life journey" spread based on the Compass I use in my 1734 Witchcraft practice, using my Celtic Tree Oracle cards. Here's what I came up with--wander the budding orchard with me!

1. Choose Your Destination: Last year, you thought it through, you perhaps made some New Year's Resolutions, you decided where your New Journey was going to take you. The energy of this leg of the compass is the Air of the North, the new idea that has grown in the silent darkness. The card drawn for this point of the compass, the seed of your journey, is Ioho, the Yew tree. Yew is the tree that represents rebirth and eternal life, and its resonance is that of ancient truths, of those things that we each have to teach to ourselves lifetime after lifetime, again and again. In this position it is telling you that your Journey, although you will be painting it anew with the colors of the new Spring, is one sourced in ancient truth, your own truth, one you have perhaps forgotten or neglected. Your journey will take you to the future, but the seeds of your new growth lie in your past.

2. Purchase Your Ticket: This point of the Compass reminds you that preparation is necessary: purchase your ticket, pack, get your passport. The energy of this point of the Compass is Air of Fire, the concept that your mind must inform your will if you are to achieve your objective. The tree drawn for this point of the compass is Phagos, the Beech, the tree of retained and recorded knowledge. This card is a reminder to record the experiences of your journey, and to look into records you have already been keeping to be inspired by your own knowledge and learning of the mysteries of your own past. You need the firm basis of the truths you have already revealed to yourself in order to understand, construct, and use the new discoveries that will manifest themselves on your journey. Preparation is going to be the key to the new wonder you will encounter.

3. Begin Your Travels: At the rising of the new spring sun, at the point of balance whence comes forth all life, you will take the first steps, and paint the first strokes of the new masterpiece you are creating. The energy here is Fire, the first spark of new thought, new ideas, new desires. The card you have drawn on this compass point is Koad, the Grove. This card bespeaks a new concept for many of us--part of, if not most of, our "journey" as we take it, is not things, but people. The "Grove" was the place where the Druids met in council, where each individual person's words were heard, where all were equal and none stood above another. The Grove is the resonance of many trees, many ideas, many new ways of "seeing". Your compass today is pointing you to remember to see the "other" with new eyes on this new journey, to notice and wonder and marvel at that which is not your Self. You are the traveler in an unknown realm--let yourself be informed and directed by those you may meet there.

4. Take A Detour: You've begun your journey, and you're on the way to new things. The energy of this point of the compass is "Duir", the Oak tree...Oddly enough, "Duir" is the Irish word for "door", and this part of the journey is all about taking the highways and byways, poking your nose into all the interesting little side-paths that present themselves--you never can tell which of these doors might hide something essential to your continuing on your Path. Doors of opportunity are manifesting themselves as you travel, popping up here and now in your world. Duir provides you with the strength to open the doors and utilize the openings to step into the experiences that will bring fulfillment, purpose, and your creative pleasure.

5. Points of Interest: Besides those alluring byways that Duir invites you to explore, one of the focal points of any journey is the attractions the destination is famous for presenting. Your destination, as suggested by the energy of Yew, is the exploration of hidden and ancestral truths, those things you don't know that you know. So--what kinds of "points of interest" might this journey afford to you? Funny thing--your card for this compass point is the perfect answer for that. We've drawn "Gort", the Ivy, which represents the "spiral to center"...Theseus in the labyrinth is the avatar of Gort, as the leaves grow in that inward-spiralling pattern and we look inside ourselves at the "point of interest" representing our own Inner Child, our Shadow, that which is Within. The most significant Point of Interest on the journey to Ancestral Memory is to find out who we truly Are, and where we go to do that is deep within.

6. Souvenirs: Whenever you "travel", whether on earth or in the Realms, you want to bring back remembrances of what you saw and what you learned on the journey--did you know that "souvenir" is literally the French word for "to come to mind--sub venire" which is literally "to remember". And so, your focus for this point of your Compass is the Reed, Ngetal, the symbol of three strong powers you will want to preserve from this inner journey--the reed-light, which is a candle into your own darkness, the reed-whistle, the voice of the wind which makes it possible for the ancestors and the Sidhe to talk to you in ways you will understand, and the thatched roof of the house, your safe haven within your own place when things outside become too difficult. So--your voice, your safety, your illumination are the souvenirs of your new life journey.

7. You're Almost There! : In the fairy-tale hero's journey, or the Fool's Journey of the Tarot, right before the desired end is achieved there is usually a lesson, an obstacle, or a diversion to get through before the prize is attained. For this penultimate focus of your compass, the Ogham is Luis, the Rowan tree. There is special significance on many levels to this...The Rowan is Brighid's Fire, and is a tree of protection, as well as one which makes you powerful in your own right, powerful enough to withstand any obstacle that can keep you from completing your journey. All inner knowledge falls into human oblivion if you don't care for your own sacred inner flame. So surrender to your own inner divine fire of wisdom with confidence. The flame you realize through your existence and your earthly body lives for all eternity. It is guarding and protecting and guiding you. It is real as soon as you accept it as your own. It helps you to understand yourself and conceive yourself as part of the great miracle. Your life will enfold to its true beauty and show you the way out of fear and darkness.

8. Relax! You're there! You're at the end of your Journey of New Life, you've painted a lovely new picture in all the colors of Spring. You sit back and gaze in wonder, and the Ogham you have received to energize this leg of your Compass is Uilleand, the Honeysuckle. You have achieved the honey-sweetness of success on three levels, the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. On the physical level, you are reminded to pursue your desires, allow yourself to experience pleasure - you are not a monk. By joy do we learn, not by abstinence of what we enjoy. Your gift of mental sweetness is a simple one--the hidden secrets you pursue are not as impenetrable as you suspect. They are simply muted by background noises. You will succeed if you trust your own mind. Hone in on the secrets, and put aside the distractions. Spiritually, you receive a warning, like the gentle nudge of a honeybee on your hand--not stinging, but making you aware. Remain true to your beliefs and principles in your journey to the self. Follow the Honeysuckle in safety and joy. The Honeysuckle shows the way in which to achieve the search for the self. Honeysuckle indicates hidden desires, secrets and the path to the search for the self. Now that you have achieved the completion of your inner journey through the Compass, pick up your basket and go on into the bright day of the new Spring, and fulfill the journey in truth.

And now you can hop over to take a look in the lovely eggs Rosered has to show you....