Friday, March 9, 2012

Looking Beyond The Moment...

March 9, 2012: Son of Swords, Haindl Tarot

Osiris is a seminal figure in Egyptian mythos, but for purposes of this card, we need to look at Osiris in his role as a mythic avatar. In so many ways, the story of Osiris parallels the story of Christ: he was born of the gods Geb and Nuit, who were Earth and Sky, and after his death and dismemberment (after a betrayal by his brother and follower), he was again re-born (without a phallus, symbolizing the generative power of a woman to give birth without having intercourse, i.e. a "virgin birth"); three wise men prophesied his coming; he was a teacher and a gentle god, lover of all regardless of social status; he was a giver of life to the poor and needy; like Christ, he "multiplied" the loaves and fishes to feed the hungry masses, represented by the legends of his making the Nile rise to bring the fish to the shore and to make fertile the land, and also his gift of grain to man, making him the "bringer of bread" in whose honor cakes of bread were consumed in a "communion"; and after his death he "rose again" since Isis re-birthed him. The legends of Osiris make him a perfect example of the "bringer of peace", the gentle teacher who looks beyond his own life to serve the lives of others, and whose focus (even in his image on this card!) is beyond the moment, beyond the mundane, and far into the realms of eternity. So--how does this relate to you today?

Your TarotWitch is very fond of the concept of "being in the moment" and for the most part that is a concept of which we must all be reminded...many of us spend most of our day "living until..."
the weekend, the next paycheck, we get out of school, the kids are grown and gone, you get the idea. But sometimes it is well to take the long view, and today is one such day. Osiris showing up in our cards is an indicator to us that we must be interested today in the long-term effects of our actions and words. Something of significance to our own future is going to come into our path today, and it is then that we must act as would Osiris, with calm, patience, gentle persuasion, and from the center of our intelligent and ethical character. And doing this will bring us benefit for both the present, and the envisioned future.