Friday, March 16, 2012

And Around And Around....

March 16, 2012: Wheel Of Fortune; Utah Maninni Three Tarot

This card is from the latest iteration of our every-five-years community project, the Utah Maninni Tarot. I love the way different people interpret the cards through the lens of the year's theme and their own particular take thereon. This last time, our theme was "The Goddess Utah", and I think today I will let the author of the card speak for herself:

10. Wheel Of Fortune: by Sandy Elphin

Card Composition: Got many pictures off the Internet, of public buildings and institutions here in SLC and in the state. All photos used are in the public domain and without copyright.

Card Meaning: I don't think anything in this town happens without the LDS church at the center of it, so the Temple is the hub of my Wheel of Fortune.

Around the edges are representations of various elements of Utah culture, most of them pretty unique, and most of them paired with something that is the opposite of it, but also uniquely Utah. The idea is that the Wheel turns here, sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down, some stuff makes sense and some stuff doesn't, but the Church is at the center of it all. The Goddess Utah is represented in this card by the idea that even in this oppressive culture, there are things no one would expect, like our large GLBT and Pagan communities and our surprising degree of freedom, things the Goddess provides to us despite the efforts to silence dissent on the part of the Church.

Interpretation: Since this card is a "wheel", it has no up and down, and when you draw it in your reading, it always means the same thing. What you are experiencing is a cycle, and things are going to be changing. Hold your center.