Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep It Simple....

April 11, 2012: White Buffalo Woman (Princess of Stones),
Haindl Tarot

She gazes out at you, serene and silent. She is your avatar of inner beauty, that part of your Self that is the TouchStone of what you truly embody. She is the person you never get to meet in the flesh, but she looks at you from behind your own eyes when you look in the mirror. She is quiet, focused, strong, gentle, and above all, she is full of compassion and understanding for all the parts of your Self with which you have yet to come to terms.

And she is here for you today because you need her. Whatever is facing you, she knows you are up to the task. She knows you're scared, she knows you feel uncertain, but within you she holds the Pipe, the link between your inner and outer worlds, and she invites you to partake of Spirit, to remember who you really Are, what you really Will, how to Become. She is your Self, and she knows you don't know that. But if you listen, today, to your own inner voice, if you look at your Self in the mirror, not thinking of the complexity of the issues that surround you, but asking yourself this one simple question, "Who am I, and what do I really want/Will?" she will show you that you already know the answer, and she will help you achieve it.